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Illegal File Sharing Policy (DMCA)

Understanding the DMCA

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA covers any copyrighted material including music, movies, software and books. Although file-sharing has become commonplace, it is a violation of federal law and PSU's Acceptable Use Policy to download or distribute copyrighted files to which you do not have rights. The RIAA and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) aggressively pursue violators. The penalties to you and the University can be severe. To protect the PSU community, the University has adopted a DMCA violation enforcement guideline and embarked on a DMCA education campaign.

DMCA Violations

If we receive a copyright infringement notice from an outside company (e.g. Sony or the RIAA), you will receive an email notification explaining the violation. It should include a ticket number.

  • For first time violations, you will initially have one week (7 days) to respond before your internet is disabled by either:
    • email response
    • replying to notification letter via postal mail
    • visit the OIT Helpdesk
  • For subsequent violations, your internet will be immediately suspended, and the case referred to the Office of the Dean of Student Life (a division of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs).

Further Resources

Please contact the Helpdesk with questions regarding DMCA violations. To report instances of illegal file sharing, email