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IDSC Lab Policy

Use of the Lab

The Instructional Development Support Center (IDSC) is a robust multimedia computing lab open specifically to faculty, graduate students, and staff at PSU. Additionally, we have expanded our color and wide-format printing services to undergraduate students. Please see below regarding our policies specific to use of the lab.

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students: The IDSC lab is for use by current faculty, graduate students, and staff at PSU to develop multimedia and research-based materials. Personal email, web-surfing, and other non-academic work is not considered acceptable use of IDSC lab resources, as other labs are available for this purpose. Our goal is not to limit access, but rather to ensure available systems and software for high-end development. Faculty, graduate students and staff must be prepared to show their current PSU student ID upon each entry into the lab.

Undergraduate Students: As previously mentioned, undergraduate student access is limited to the IDSC color and wide-format printing services. Undergraduate students that are requesting to use the IDSC lab in full for specific activities when necessary resources are unavailable elsewhere on campus must obtain a Special Use Request from their faculty member prior to using the IDSC lab or it's resources. Undergraduate students submitting a request must be currently enrolled at PSU with use of the IDSC lab is restricted to completion or development of projects for faculty members, or other special academic projects that may not be completed at other campus facilities. Upon approval of the Special Use Request, the requested students will be added to the Special Use list. Students must be prepared to show their current PSU student ID upon each entry into the lab. Undergraduates unable to present this information will not be allowed to use the IDSC lab in full.

User Support

General assistance is available during lab hours and may vary from term to term based on staff availability. While the IDSC staff are trained to provide basic assistance and troubleshooting with the hardware and software of the lab, they are not permitted to help on exams, act as a tutor, or provide assistance with completing homework assignments. With the exception of workshops, lab attendants are not an acceptable alternative for learning the necessary software applications. As a general guideline, if a software issue requires more than fifteen minutes to resolve, there is a good chance that the lab attendant has been teaching the user the application. The IDSC reserves the right to refuse service if the assistance required by an individual is deemed beyond the scope of what the lab can provide. Please check with the Writing Center, Learning Center, or your academic department for tutoring resources. Free software training is also available through OIT.

As the lab staff must be able to support all users in the lab, including walk-ins, we have implemented a 15-Minute Support Policy. Out of fairness to all users, lab attendants are restricted to a maximum of 15 consecutive minutes per customer per hour. If a lab user requires more than 15 minutes for a complex issue or project, the lab attendants are instructed to inform the customers of the policy and refer them for a one-on-one appointmentwith a staff member at a rate of $25 per hour. By scheduling an appointment, the customer is able to receive the in-depth, project-specific assistance they need in a timely fashion with a minimum of interruption. In return, the lab attendants are available to provide support to all customers in the lab. In general, users have differing levels of comfort when asking for help. Some end users have no problem flagging down an attendant, while others "struggle in silence." This policy is in place to ensure that the lab attendant is available for everyone that needs assistance. By implementing this policy, our goal is to minimize the possibility of neglecting a user, which can happen when a lab attendant spends a significant amount of time with an individual user. For more in-depth assistance, please contact the IDSC to schedule an appointment.

File Storage

Temporary storage on individual workstations is provided for a period of no more than 24 hours. Local storage on workstations are purged regularly and without notice. While temporary storage is also available on the Shuttle, we highly recommend that users store their files directly to the H: or I: drives, or removable media, such as a USB or Firewire drive. Users are responsible for making back up copies of their files and are reminded to always save their work on removable media (USB drive, portable hard drive). The IDSC is not responsible for lost or corrupted data on removable, network, or workstation media. Users that elect to store their files on the Shuttle or an individual workstation for longer than 24 hours do so at their own risk.

Workstation Reservations

Workstations may be reserved in advance to ensure availability when you need it. With the exception of the video workstations, IDSC workstations may be reserved for up to 2 hours a day, which allows equitable access to all users. Users can reserve the Mac and PC video workstations for up to 4 hours per video workstation per day. Reservations for IDSC workstations will be held for a maximum of 10 minutes past the start of the reservation. Reservations that exceed the maximum limit will not be honored beyond the first 2 or 4 hours (video only) of the reservation. Please see a lab attendant to place a reservation.

Software Loads

No direct installation of software is permitted by users. If specific software is needed that is not currently available in the lab, there are two options. The first option is to fill out the IDSC Survey and request particular software to be included (question #12) in the next software purchase evaluation which happens twice a year. If the software is freeware or has already been purchased by the individual, the next option is to contact the lab manager to submit a software request which includes the following information: the full name of the software, name of the software publisher, type of software, platform, current version number, proof of license, and name(s) of the workstations the software needs to be installed on.

Requests must be submitted at least four weeks before the start of the term. Please note that this does NOT include university closures/holidays. Software requests submitted less than four weeks before the start of the term or after the start of the term will be evaluated for the following term. Mid-term request are not accepted. All requested software must be compatible with the lab’s existing operating system and proof of license is required for the platform and number of machines that the software request includes. It is the responsibility of the person requesting the software to provide all required information. Any missing information will delay the request until two weeks after receipt of complete information.

Upon approval, software will be installed for the term specified, and will be removed at the end of the term. Submitting a software request does not guarantee that the software with be installed. The IDSC reserves the right to not install requested software due to issues with compatibility, support, licensing, functionality, and mission compliance. Users who request loading of non-standard IDSC software will assume full accountability towards compliance with the Copyright Law of 1876 (Title 17 U.S. Code). Users found not in compliance with copyright laws will have their IDSC privileges permanently revoked, software un-installed, and the software publisher will be notified. Users will also be entirely responsible for operating the software in all its functionality.

IDSC Copyright Liability Policy

The Instructional Development Support Center (IDSC) and User Support Services (USS) adhere strictly to the Copyright Law of 1976 (Title 17, United States Code), and any other related legal addenda, pertaining to the use or reproduction of copyrighted materials. Users of the IDSC Lab or USS are individually responsible to follow copyright law and the PSU Acceptable Use Policy while creating or submitting materials for use in multimedia instruction, and will be solely liable for any infringement upon copyrighted materials.

Submitting any materials for services to the IDSC constitutes an agreement by the client that they (1) are the owner of the copyright on the materials submitted for reproduction, (2) have received permission from the copyright owner to reproduce the materials, or (3) will use the reproductions in accordance with copyright laws governing "Fair Use." Clients submitting copyrighted materials to the IDSC for reproduction are required to sign a copyright release.

For more information, please visit the PSU Copyright Policy.

IDSC Limitation of Liability Policy

The Instructional Development Support Center (IDSC) lab and User Support Services (USS) shall at all times exercise the utmost care in handling all prints, slides, negatives, rolls of film, digital files, books, artwork, tapes, CD's, DVD's, USB drives or other materials ("Materials") submitted to us for processing, printing, duplicating, scanning, reproducing, digitizing, or other handling ("Services"). However, from time to time conditions of manufacturing, storage, handling, or processing beyond our control may result in loss or damage to such Materials.

The IDSC has therefore adopted a policy of accepting such materials for Services at the customer's risk only. Submitting any Materials to the IDSC for Services constitutes and agreement by you that the IDSC shall not, under any circumstances be liable for any loss, damage, or destruction of Materials (through negligence or otherwise) other than to replace the film with the same value of unexposed film. Nor shall the IDSC be responsible for any loss or damage to customer supplied materials accompanying such Materials, including but not limited to picture frames, portfolio cases, media (USB drives/floppies/CD's/DVD's or VHS/MiniDV/DAT/Cassette tapes) disks, cd's, book jackets, packaging materials, or other similar materials by loss, theft, damage or destruction (through negligence or otherwise). No verbal statements of any employee or agent of the IDSC to the contrary shall be binding on the IDSC or wave limitations contained herein.

IDSC Services Policy

Media Services is defined as digital output, multimedia, and graphic design services provided by the IDSC. By signing the work order, the client verifies that they have reviewed the media services work that they have requested and have accepted the final work (i.e. found it to be satisfactory and containing no errors). If the media services project must be redone or reprinted due to content errors, or errors discovered after the client has signed the work order, the client will be held responsible for the cost of the original work order and the cost of any further work or reprints needed to correct the error. The IDSC is not able to offer refunds or discounts to clients if they later discover an error they had missed before signing the original work order. If the problem is due to technical difficulties, we will make every effort to correct the problem and redo the work requested at no additional cost.

All project materials submitted to the IDSC must be complete, accurate, and spell checked. Clients will be held responsible for cost of printed or digitized materials that are incorrect due to error on their behalf. Turnaround times for work submitted vary depending on the product, service, quantity ordered, or time of year. For wide-format printing, please allow a minimum of two business days upon receipt of file for processing. Please check with staff well ahead of your project deadline for service availability and turnaround times. For more information on IDSC services, visit our Services and Wide-format printing pages.