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Google Calendar Policy

A management group (currently: will be added to the calendar upon creation so that OIT staff can provide calendar support. This group should not be removed and will be automatically re-added if necessary.

Calendar Naming Convention

Naming rooms and calendar resources based on a naming convention facilitates resources being grouped in a logical way. Making them easier to find when seeking to add a room or resource to an event. It is recommended that CamelCase is used in the Descriptive Identifier for visual aesthetics (see below for examples).

For Locations (Rooms and Spaces)

Naming Convention: Building-Room [DEPT] [Descriptive Identifier] [(Capacity)]


  • FAB-87-01 OIT (10)
  • SMSU-18n USS (15)
  • MCB-518 FADM Iron (7)

For Resources (Non-Room items, Shared Calendars for teams or groups)

Naming Convention: (Resource Type)-DEPT Descriptive Identifier


  • (Equipment)-ITS HiDefCameraTripod
  • (Calendar)-USS DST AppointmentCalendar
  • Notes:
    • [XYZ] brackets are optional.
    • Resource Types available are (Automotive), (Calendar), (Equipment) and (Other).