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Email Access to Voicemail

PSU uses a voicemail system called CallXpress. One of the features of CallXpress is the ability to receive voicemail messages through an email client program, using a feature called Unified Messaging.

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging allows you to have on-the-go access to retrieve and manage your voicemails on your computer. Once Unified Messaging has been enabled by Telecommunication Systems all voice messages will be left as an attachment in your email box (in the .wav file format). The messages will not be converted to text, and will need to be listened to through desktop speakers or headphones.

Note: Once Unified Messaging is enabled, the light on your desk telephone will no longer light to alert of a new message. If you want to configure your notification settings, please visit the Voicemail page.

Activating Unified Messaging still allows you to retrieve and manage your voicemails from the web via CallXpress Web PhoneManager.

Further Resources

To request Unified Messaging to be turned on, please email Telecommunication Systems with your voicemail box number, and email address. You can also contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.