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Document Imaging

Document imaging is a service that streamlines and automates many business processes. PSU currently uses an enterprise content management (ECM) system called Hyland OnBase to automate document processing. You can see all current and completed OnBase projects on the OnBase Projects Report.

Understanding Hyland OnBase

Enterprise Content Management Services

Hyland OnBase offers a range of services to manage documents:

  • Paper Documents: Extract data from paper documents using a scanner. Capture data where it is received and avoid wasting time and money sending documents from one location to another.
  • Electronic Files: Digitize and store paper documents. Gather data from electronic files using any application, such as email, Microsoft Office, SharePoint sites, FTP, or the OnBase interface itself.
  • E-Forms: Pull relevant data from electronic form submissions and share it with other systems immediately.
  • Document Composition: Automatically generate documents such as letters and statements in response to business decisions.
  • Document Distribution: Disseminate generated documents to recipients via letter, email, or fax.
  • Workflow: Streamline and automate any business processes that involve inputting or processing data. Transfer documents or data from one step/person to another.
  • Custom Solutions: Purchase any of OnBase’s 200+ modules to tailor solutions for a specific department.

OIT Support

OIT provides the majority of support for OnBase, including these functions:

  • Core Services: OIT is responsible for the funding of core document management services.
  • Dedicated Support Staff: Staff from OIT are designated specifically for OnBase support.
  • Training: OIT provides training for implementation teams and OnBase coordinators.
  • Infrastructure: OIT funds all the servers, storage, and software that are part of the OnBase service.
  • Maintenance: OIT provides hardware and software maintenance, including patching and software updates.

Benefits of OnBase

OnBase facilitates efficient record sharing across campus in a number of ways:

  • Security: Encryption ensures that outsiders cannot see protected documents and the system keeps a history of activity to record any revisions.
  • Access Control: Different groups can be assigned different permissions, giving access to specific content only to the people who need it.
  • Sustainability: Electronic data replaces paper records, reducing waste and the need for document storage space.
  • Search Functions: Specific documents can be easily located with the system’s archival and search functions.
  • Retention: Documents are automatically kept for specified amounts of time (or indefinitely) in the system, ensuring adherence to retention policies.

Further Resources

You can gain access to OnBase by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your Odin username and password.
  3. Select System Access Menu.
  4. Select System Access Request Form.
  5. Select the OnBase tab in the section that says "Select the Banner access you need".
  6. Complete the form as directed by your department.

Go to Document Imaging Support to find additional support options.