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Digital Media Recycling Procedures

About the Process

The following is the procedure in use by the departments of Facilities and Planning and the Office of Information Technology. All types of electronic media follow the same example as illustrated in the flow chart. Media which can not be cleared is stored until it can be properly destroyed. Media that can be cleared is evaluated for redistribution or destruction.

Digital Media Recycling Procedure

  1. Old systems are brought to SMC 18.
  2. Hard drive is removed and tagged with ticket #.
  3. Every Friday a student will go to Facilities recycle container to remove hard drives or other media from systems there and bring them to SMC 18G. They will also bring non-reusable parts and small wiped hard drives back to container for recycling.
  4. Hard drives are placed in SMC 18G to await wiping process.

Digital Media Erase Process

  1. Hook hard drive up to erasing machine.
  2. Run erase program.
  3. Mark hard drive that has been wiped.
  4. Is hard drive larger than 80GB, then place on reuse shelf.
  5. If less than 80GB, then add to take to Facilities recycle container pile.
  6. Once a month verify that hard drive has been erased after processing.

Can the System be Reused?


  1. Recycled erased drive is placed into system and re-imaged with proper image.
  2. System is redeployed to new user.


Add system to the Facilities recycle container pile.


Old systems are picked up and taken to the recycle container.