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D2L Workshop

The Office of Information Technology provides training for many aspects of using Desire2Learn (D2L). A full description of the workshop can be found below.

Desire2Learn (D2L) Introduction

Instructor: Mark Terui, JD Gillis
Usual Location: NH 437
Length: 2 hours
Description: Hosted by the D2L support team, this free workshop is specifically for instructors interested in using D2L as an instructional tool. It is geared for those who have used D2L very little or not at all and covers the most commonly used tools of D2L. No prior D2L experience is needed.

This workshop introduces the PSU version of the D2L system for instructors interested in using D2L as part of their instructional tools (note: instructors planning to use D2L for fully online courses should contact the Office of Academic Innovation, as this workshop is not designed to prepare instructors to develop & teach fully online courses). Most of the focus is on the basic functionality and possible applications of the following D2L features/tools:

  • How to access the system
  • How students are added to the system
  • How to make a D2L course accessible for students
  • Course home page & widgets
  • News
  • Course Content
  • Discussion
  • Dropbox

This session will allow some time for hands-on practice with D2L. Depending on the number of attendees and their expertise and needs, there may be opportunity to cover other features/tools available in D2L beyond the aforementioned items.