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D2L Groups

The Groups tool is used to create group work areas for students. As a student, you may attend a course that utilizes the group tool. For example, you could belong to a group for each class project or a special interest discussion group. Each group can have its own discussion forums, Dropbox folders, and locker area to work in. Members of groups can be graded as a team or individually. Setting up groups is handled entirely by the instructor. If your course utilizes the Groups tool, please contact your instructor on any questions regarding group management.

Accessing the Groups Tool

You have access to see which group you belong to and who is in your group. To see who is in your group:

  1. Select the People drop-down menu on the course navbar
  2. Select Groups.
  3. View the list of groups that you belong to that appears on the following screen.
  4. Select the blue text that lists the number of members of the group to bring up a pop-up window of who is in the group.

If your instructor is using the self registration option, you may be prompted on the group page to Choose Group. To join a group using this option:

  1. Select Choose Group.
  2. Select the group you wish to join, then press the Select button.
  3. You now belong to that group.

Further Resources

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