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ARC Services

ARC offers a wide range of services to the PSU community:

  • Consulting and project management on technology projects
  • Compute server access for traditional/parallel compute jobs
  • Long term simulations
  • Support for HPC applications
  • Data storage for researchers and faculty
  • Website development
  • Database management
  • Trainings on software usage

Research Shares

ARC offers research or storage shares to PSU faculty and researchers. The default share size is 250GBs. Additional storage can be grant upon request, however storage requests over 1 terabyte must be reviewed.

A share can be requested by completing the I Drive Access Form. Be sure to note in the comment field that this is a new share.


ARC is responsible for the MySQL and PostgreSQL databases at PSU. MySQL is excellent for most general purpose use and is natively supported by many applications. PostgreSQL is only available for projects which meet very specific criteria.

There are a number of factors that can determine which Database Management System (DBMS) is most effective for your research needs. At this time, we support open source databases. ARC does not currently support other DBMS systems (e.g. Oracle and MSSQL) in a research context, due a number of factors (licensing fees, additional hardware requirements, etc). Applications which must use currently unsupported DBMS can be considered, but would require grant or other funding for licenses, hardware, and support.

If you need a database for a research project, please contact ARC.


ARC offers website solutions for researchers and faculty that have needs beyond the scope of PSU Enterprise Drupal. ARC offers competitive web design pricing. For more information on the PSU Enterprise Drupal, please contact the Web Communications Team at University Communications.

Further Resources

For more information on research computing services, contact Academic & Research Computing.

You can also contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.