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Applying for graduation

Students must file an Application for Awarding of Master's Degree, Doctoral Degree, or Graduate Certificate with OGS by the first Friday of the anticipated term of graduation.  A $25 charge will be applied to the student’s PSU account after the application is processed by OGS.  A student with any M (Missing) grades in PSU graduate courses that could potentially be letter graded will not be certified for graduation, even if the courses are not applied to the student’s degree program. 

As a one-time courtesy, students who do not complete degree requirements can have their application for graduation carried forward to a future term (typically the next term, but it could be at maximum up to one year in advance). To request that an application for graduation be carried, students must contact OGS in writing and provide an explanation for the graduation delay. If students do not graduate a second time, the application for graduation will be dropped; they will then need to reapply for graduation by the appropriate deadline (and will be assessed a new $25 fee).