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Occupational Health Psychology faculty

Core Faculty

Dr. Leslie Hammer - Director
Dr. Hammer's research interests include work and family issues, performance appraisal and feedback, and alternative work schedules.

Dr. Donald Truxillo - Associate Director
Dr. Truxillo's current research focuses on applicant and employee reactions to human resource processes such as affirmative action, substance abuse screening, and hiring procedures. He is also interested in job analysis issues, the validity of selection methods, and test-taking predispositions.

Dr. Charlotte Fritz
Dr. Fritz's research focuses on how employees unwind from work stress to maintain high levels of well-being and job performance. She is also interested in interruptions at work and their impact on employees as well as on organizational effectiveness. She further studies what makes employees be proactive and show initiative in the workplace.

Dr. Keith James
Dr. James' major topics of scholarship include creativity, innovation and change, workplace identity, native community development and occupational health psychology. His scholarship in these areas addresses several integrative themes including organizational/social justice, workplace affect, and occupational health psychology.

Dr. Liu-Qin Yang
Dr. Yang's research concerns how individuals fit with their work environments, with the ultimate goal of enhancing employees' and organizations' well-being. In addition, Dr. Yang's research focuses on workplace aggression and safety, quantitative methodology, and cross-cultural psychology.

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Participating Faculty

Dr. Talya Bauer
Dr. Bauer is interested in organizational behavior issues as well as human resource management.

Dr. Sherwin Davidson
Dr. Davidson's research interests lie in issues relating to women in work. She also has an interest in vocational counseling psychology.

Dr. Cynthia Mohr
Dr. Moh's research interests concern the manner in which individuals influence one another's perceptions and behaviors, particularly in terms of health behaviors, such as excessive alcohol consumption.

Dr. Kerth O'Brien
Dr. O'Brien is interested in social roals, social relations, and preventive health behavior. Her research addresses preventive health behaviors, psychological well-being, and patient involvement in health care.

Dr. Ellen Skinner
Dr. Skinner's OHP-related research interests include life-span development, motivation, development of perceived control, and coping.

Dr. Ryan Olson, OHSU
Dr. Olson's research focuses on safety and health interventions for lone workers, and on behavioral self-management methods.

Dr. Berrin Erdogan
Dr. Erdogan studies employee effectiveness, retention, and well-being. Specifically, she examines relational leadership, a sense of justice, and personal-environment fit as drivers of workplace behavior and well-being.

Dr. Lauren Simon
Dr. Simon's research focuses on interpersonal relationships at work, employee selection and onboarding, and work-related mood and emotion.

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OHP Advisory Board

The OHP advisory board is a collection of professionals with expertise in OHP-related areas ranging from occupational neurotoxicology to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. These volunteers share their knowledge and expertise by contributing to the development of Portland State University's OHP program (e.g., strategic planning and curriculum development), by identifying new OHP opportunities in the greater Portland community, and by presenting special guest lectures.

W. Kent Anger, Ph.D.
Oregon Institute for Occupational Health Sciences, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

Carlton G. Brown, PhD, RN, AOCN®, FAAN
Director, Professional Services, Oregon Nurses Association 

Charles “Buddy” Byrd, MPA, CSHM, CHCM, CSMP
Regional Safety and Health Manager, Pacific Northwest Region 6

David Cadiz, Ph.D.
Portland State Univesity, School of Business Administration

Jack Crossen, Ph.D.
8383 NE Sandy Blvd. Suite 450
Portland, Or 97220

Lynda Enos, RN, MS, COHN-S, CPE
Human Fit and the Oregon Nurses Association, Tualatin

Allison Lupico
Research Specialist, Oregon AFL-CIO

Ryan Olson, Ph.D.
Oregon Institute for Occupational Health Sciences, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

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Current OHP Students

Gil Brady (
Occupational health, return to work; military work-family reintegration, supervisor support, behavioral genetics, resiliency, hardiness, multicultural diversity in the workplace

David CaughlinDavid Caughlin (

Affect and Motivation, Workplace Aggression, Team Dynamics and Effectiveness

Tori CrainTori Crain (

The work-family interface, sleep, social support in the workplace, mindfulness

Caitlin DemskyCaitlin Demsky (

Occupational Health Psychology, Recovery from Work, Work-Life Balance, Leadership

Allison EllisAllison Ellis (

Employee health and well-being, employee engagement, coping with workplace stressors, and positive performance-related behaviors (e.g., proactive work behavior, job crafting).

Grant BradyGrant Brady (

Aging in the workplace, employee well-being, employee well-being, work-life balance, leadership, and selection.

Brittnie ShepherdBrittnie Shepherd (

Recovery from work, work life balance, employee substance use, and workaholism.

Sarah HaverlySarah Haverly (

Interpersonal relationships; self-conscious emotions, particularly shame and guilt; substance use and behavioral health; and how all of these may interact with workplace experiences.

Alexa GarciaAlexa Garcia (

Applicant reactions, selection, workplace aggression, employee health and well-being, diversity, and aging in the workplace.

Frankie GurosFrankie Guros (

Proactivity, Leadership, Recovery

Layla Mansfield (

Applicant Reactions to Selection, Justice/Fairness, Leadership, Occupational Health & Safety, Socialization/Orienting New Employees

Cameron McCabeCameron McCabe (

The Stress and Coping Process, Resiliency, Substance Use and Behavioral Health, Research Methodology

Kevin Novak (

Workplace aggression, employee retention and turnover, work-life balance, workplace motivation

MacKenna Perry (

Work-Family Interface; Employee Health and Well-Being; Leadership/Supervision

Amy Pytlovany (

Employee safety, health, and well-being; work-life balance; leadership training; age stereotypes/metastereotypes

Jenn Rineer (

Job Design and Aging, Occupational Health Psychology, Recruiting and Selection

Joseph SherwoodJoe Sherwood (

Work-life balance, employee well-being, leadership/management, performance management, work motivation, training & development

Sarah Van Dyck (

Occupational Health Psychology, Work-Family Conflict, Peer Support, Workplace Aggression

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