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Education Award Changes

Changes are occurring in early 2016 to the Oregon Registry Education Awards.

Second education awards granted for personnel working in QRIS Star Rated programs are being discontinued. To be considered for a second education award, The Research Institute must receive completed portfolios by Jan. 29, 2016.

Also, there will a new funding structure for initial Education Awards granted for completed Step applications received after January 29, 2016. For information see the Education Award Distribution Changes Overview.    

For additional details about these changes see the 2016 Education Award Changes FAQ.

Phase in implementation of the 2015 Oregon Registry Steps Requirements

(2015 Oregon Registry Steps document)

Earning an Oregon Registry Step with College Course Credits (CCC) or an out-of-field degree has changed.  When you apply using either of these pathways, you may need credits in Human Growth & Development (HGD), Learning Environments & Curriculum (LEC), and Understanding & Guiding Behavior (UGB).

We are phasing in these changes during 2016 because we understand college credits in UGB are less common than in HGD and LEC.  Some courses may contain UGB but their titles do not clearly link to UGB.  These courses require further research.

During 2016, we will accept any combination of HGD and UGB (Steps 7.5-8, CCC) or HGD, LEC, and UGB (Steps 8.5 and up).

We will revisit this process to determine how to apply the full changes as of January 1, 2017.  Until then, we will continue working with our college partners to identify courses with UGB.  We will also develop a planning tool to help students seeking UGB credits. 

Oregon Registry Step Fee waiver continued

Great news! The $10 Oregon Registry Step application fee will continue to be waived!

Remember, an application is still needed for an Oregon Registry Step 3 or higher.  Oregon Registry Step applications can be found at

Acceptance of degrees/coursework from nationally and regionally accredited degree granting institutions

The Oregon Registry Training and Education Criteria has been updated to include accepting degrees/coursework from degree granting institutions that are listed on the US Department of Education website as nationally accredited, as well as those from regionally accredited institutions. 

Coursework taken outside the degree (for out of the field degrees) will now be counted towards a Step

For individuals with out-of-field degrees, coursework taken outside the degree may now be counted to meet the required credits that link to the Core Knowledge Categories.