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Training and Education Criteria

What is the Training and Education Criteria Document?

  • It is a description of the types of training and education and documentation that are accepted.

Why is this document important?

  • It defines for Oregon’s childhood care and education professionals the criteria for training and education accepted by Oregon’s professional development system. 

How is this document used?

How to use the Training and Education Criteria

To see if your training and education qualifies, match the information in your training and education documents to the corresponding checklist for your types of training. If they meet all of the requirements, your documents should be submitted for ORO or with your Oregon Registry Step Application.

Tell me more about linking training to the Core Knowledge Categories (CKC)

One requirement for training is it must be linked to a Core Knowledge Category.

Training can be linked to the CKC by reviewing the Core Body of Knowledge document. In the CKC look for descriptions that match either the title of a class or connect to the class description. The core knowledge category will be verified after you submit your training.