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Project #63

University Studies Online General Education Pathways


The purpose of the University Studies On-line General Education Pathways Project is to develop on-line pathways for completion of SINQ, Upper-division Cluster and Capstone courses in Environmental Sustainability (Natural Sciences), Family and Society (Social Sciences), Interpreting the Past (Humanities), and the Knowledge, Values, Rationality (Humanities) clusters. This includes the creation of a cluster website, piloting a community of practice for one of the clusters and on-line research and information literacy support for clusters.

More information about the project can be found in the Project Management Planand the Project Plan.



For more information, please see the project Status Reports.


  • Rowanna Carpenter - Director of Assessment and Upper Division Clusters, University Studies 


  • David Osborne - Communities of Practice Coordinator, University Studies
  • Mary Ann Barham - Director, Advising & Career Services 
  • Annie Knepler - Writing Coordinator, University Studies 
  • Meredith Farkas - Head of Instructional Services, Library 
  • Leslie McBride - Professor, Community Health 
  • Seanna Kerrigan - Capstone Program Director, University Studies  
  • Michael Taylor - Assistant Professor, Child and Family Studies 
  • Tom Seppalainen - Chair, Philosophy 
  • Joseph Maser - Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences and Management  
  • Anne McClanan - Professor, Fine & Performing Arts
  • Zapoura Newton-Calvert , Capstone Instructor, University Studies 
  • Jeanne Ellis- Internship Adviser, Advising & Career Services
  • Vince Schreck - Instructional Designer, Office of Academic Innovation
  • Michael Taylor - Assistant Professor, School of Social Work 



Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Original Proposal