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Project #59

Let Knowledge Serve the City and Our Students: Preparing SBA Students for Success by Positioning Practicum/Career Skills as a Centerpiece of the Curriculum by Leveraging the Efficiencies of a Collaborative, School-Wide Credit-based Mini-MOOC


The purpose of the Preparing SBA Student for Success Project is to leverage the efficiencies of a credit-based “Mini-MOOC” to help PSU and the School of Business Administration remain competitive and ensure that students are employable after graduation by providing them with practicums and career skills.

More information about the project can be found in the Project Management Planand the Project Plan.


For more information, please see the project Status Reports.


  • Talya Bauer - Professor, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management


  • Erica Wagner - Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, School Business Administration
  • Lauren Simon - Assistant Professor, Management 
  • Elizabeth Almer - Associate Professor/Accounting Area Director, Accounting 
  • Melissa Appleyard - Associate Professor/Faculty Lead Instructor, SBA Strategy Capstone Course 
  • Becky Einolf - Manager, Business Internship Program 
  • Jeanne Enders - Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education 
  • Thomas Gillpatrick - Chair, Undergraduate Programs Committee, Prof. of Bus Admin, Marketing, Executive Director of Food Industry Leadership Center 
  • Robert Harmon - Prof Bus Admin Management/Marketing Area Director 
  • Samad Hinton - Director, SBA Online Learning Programs 
  • Daniel Rogers - Associate Professor/Finance Area Director 



Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Original Proposal