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Project #55

Continuing Engagement for Social Change: At and Beyond Portland State

The purpose of the Continuing Engagement for Social Change Project was to increase engagement of Portland State University students in addressing the ecological and social crises facing our world.


  • The development of a model and platform for online workshops and the creation of three fully online
    workshops that support continued engagement in social change (available here).

  • The development of an online version of the Resource Guide for Continuing Engagement in Social Change  (available here).

  • Expanded participation by a dozen faculty in at least three online Communities of Practices, in addition to alumni engagement, student participation and student assignment integration. 


The online resource guide and online workshops are available and will allow opportunities for deeper engagement for students . The online resource guide provides for a much more interactive and engaging version of the Resource Guide for online classes, which is particularly important given the increase of these courses at PSU. The online workshops will allow many more people to view and engage in the content, as compared to the dozens who were able to attend in person. Last, the three Communities of Practice engaged many faculty and students in thinking about continued engagement and provided them with concrete support.


For more information, please see the End-of-Project Report and the final expenditure report.


  • David Osborn - SINQ/Capstone Instructor, University Studies


  • Yves Labissiere - Interim Director, University Studies
  • Vicki Reitenauer - Instructor, Women’s Studies
  • Aimee Shattuck - Director, Student Activities and Leadership
  • Zapoura Newton-Calvert - Capstone Instructor, English
  • Steven Johnson - Adjunct Professor, Urban Studies and Planning
  • Ben Cushing - Adjunct Instructor, Sociology
  • Seanna Kerrigan - Capstone Program Director, University Studies 
  • Amy Spring  - Assistant Director, Community University Partnerships for Learning
  • Deborah Arthur - Assistant Professor, University Studies 
  • Mary Ann Barham - Director, Advising B: Career Services
  • Sally McWilliams - Director, Women’s Studies
  • Tom Bull - Executive Director, Alumni Association
  • Heather Petzold - Capstone Instructor, University Studies  
  • The Capstone Program
  • The Undergraduate Research, Creative Action and Agency program in University Studies



Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Original Proposal
Project Management Plan
Project Plan
Status Reports