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Project #169

Making Learning Visible: An Eportfolio Initiative to Transform Learning and Assessment at PSU


The purpose of the ePortfolio Project is to identify the best possible on-line ePortfolio solution for use campus wide. The main priority is to find a solution that focuses on students and learning with a secondary focus on assessment.

More information about the project can be found in the Project Management Plan and the Project Plan.


For more information, please see the project Status Reports.



  • Mary Ann Barham - Director, Career Services
  • Karen Bjork - Digital Initiative Coordinator, Library
  • Pat Boas - Assistant Professor, School of Art and Design
  • David Bullock - Manager of Technology & Director of Metro Instructional Supp Lab
  • Chris Carey - Associate Professor, University Studies
  • Rowanna Carpenter - Director of Assessment and Upper Division Clusters, University Studies 
  • Micki Caskey - Associate Dean, Graduate School of Education
  • Shelly Chabon - Professor and Associate Dean, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Cornelia Coleman - Project Manager, Credit for Prior Learning
  • Jeanne Enders - Executive Director, School of Business Online Initiative
  • Mark Faust - Assistant Professor, Engineering and Computer Science
  • Michael Flower - Professor, University Studies
  • Wende Garrison - Instructor in Child and Family Studies
  • Charlotte Goodluck - Program Director and Professor, Social Work
  • Samad Hinton - Associate Director of Course and Program Design, Office of Academic Innovation
  • Kathi Ketcheson - Director, Institutional Research and Planning
  • Sarah Kutten - Advisor, Multicultural Business and Honorary Groups
  • Chuck Lanham - Associate CIO / Chief Information Security Officer
  • Tyler Matta - Manager, Student Learning and Success
  • Laura Marsh - Health Sciences Advisor
  • Leslie McBride - Associate Professor, Community Health
  • Bob Mercer - Assistant Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Zapoura Newton-Calvert - Capstone Instructor, University Studies
  • Leslee Peterson - GSE Assessment and Partnership Coordinator, Education
  • Mark Terui - Instructional Designer, OAI
  • Candyce Reynolds - Associate Professor, Educational Policy
  • Aimee Shattuck - Director, Student Activities and Leadership 
  • Melissa Yates - Pre-Health Advisor, Liberal Arts and Sciences



Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Original Proposal