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Project #111

PDX Open: Reducing Student Textbook Costs


The PDX Open: Reducing Student Textbook Costs project worked to create, through the Portland State University (PSU) Library, an open textbook publishing initiative that provided technical and financial support for faculty members to create open textbooks that aim to reduce costs for students and further position Portland State University as a leader in research and teaching.



The rising cost of textbooks not only adds to the overall financial burden of attending college, it can also have measurable negative impact on a student’s academic performance and outcomes.  While the long-term impacts of the project are not yet known, the short-term impact is that through this initiative, we provided financial relief to students enrolled in five Portland State University courses in Winter 2015, for a total savings to students of $23,805.  

Other project impacts include:

  • Heightened the visibility of PSU’s unique strengths by providing access to high quality open educational content created by PSU faculty.  
  • Provided the library an opportunity to build a scholarly publishing infrastructure.
  • The pilot project contributed to a fuller understanding of faculty author needs related to open access textbook publishing

Project team members are currently participating in a task force to recommend ways to facilitate faculty in identifying and using online library resources and open access resources more effectively.   


For more information, please see the project End-of-Project Report, Project Artifacts and Final Expenditure Report.



  • Jill Emery - Collection Development Librarian, University Library
  • Kimberly Pendell - Social Sciences Librarian, University Library
  • Marilyn Moody - Dean, University Library



Project Management Plan

Project Plan

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Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

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