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We offer resources and consultation for planning and evaluating assessment activities on the course and program level.

Course Level assessment consultations might include:

  • Revising course outcomes in light of changes to course structure
  • Aligning course outcomes, student experiences and teaching methods
  • Actively involving students in assessment (formative assessment; peer feedback)
  • Analyzing and using assessment results

Program Level assessment consultations might include:

  • Creating or refining program outcomes
  • Mapping curriculum to program outcomes
  • Methods to gather data on students’ experiences across program curricula
  • Using program data to inform curricular revision

Why consult with us on assessment?

  • To learn effective methods for determining and communicating students’ program-level experiences and learning.
  • To get answers to your practical questions and ongoing concerns about program-level assessment.

How to Get Started?

For questions, contact: Janelle Voegele

Additional Resources

Check our Digital Resources or Teaching Technology Tutorials if you want to get started on your own.