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Budget Planning 2006

Welcome to the Academic Affairs 2006 Budget Planning page. We have placed a number of documents and communications here for your reference. Budget Planning is a collective effort and benefits from ideas and data contributed as a result of campus discussions. The administration has begun this process with the Faculty Budget Committee and members of the Council of Academic Deans Plus. For some centralized data, we have asked the offices of Budget and Planning and Institutional Research and Planning to begin providing information as indicated in Part 1 of the 3/3/06 memo below. We also are gathering information about faculty contributions via a web survey that was emailed to all full-time academically-ranked faculty and one to all other full-time faculty, including academic professionals. The resulting faculty data will not be reported by faculty member but aggregated at the departmental and college/school level. In conjunction with information requested from members of the Council of Academic Deans Plus in Part 1 of the 3/3/06 memo below, the aggregated faculty information will create profiles of contributions at the departmental and college/school levels.

As other planning activities are confirmed, we will add them to this site.

If you have questions about the academic budget planning process, you may contact Mike Driscoll at or Donna Bergh at

Budget Planning Timeline

Final Budget Recommendations from the Vice Presidents to the President (4/06)

Final Budget Committee Comments to President Bernstine (4/06)

Vice Presidential Recommendations on Budget Reductions and Reinvestments 2006

Budget Process Memo 2006 - 07 Desrochers, March 2006

Budget Planning Memo and Instructions Koch, March 2006

Budget Planning Memo to Campus Leadership (1-23-06)

Budget Planning Memo to Academically-Ranked Faculty (2-6-06)

Budget Planning Memo to Un-Ranked Faculty (2-16-06)

Resource Allocation Criteria (proposed by the Faculty Senate Budget Committee 2005)