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ABC's of Portland State University | W

Section W


WebCT is an online course management system used by Portland State University to provide instructional support via the Internet. Instructors may use WebCT to implement various functions such as to deliver online course materials, provide online communication tools, assess performance and/or manage course grades and activities. For more information or to complete a WebCT course request form, see WEBCT.

Women, President's Commission on the Status of

Portland State University is committed to the creation of a campus environment that supports and encourages full participation of women in all aspects of campus life. The President's Commission on the Status of Women is a catalyst for positive change to create a healthy campus climate and to value and promote diversity at PSU. For more information, including the Resource Handbook for Women Faculty and Staff, see PCSW.

Work/Life Policy

Portland State University is committed to creating a workplace environment that supports its community members in balancing their professional and personal lives. Within this commitment is the understanding of the connection and interdependence between the workplace and family and personal lives; success and satisfaction in one setting may contribute to success and satisfaction in the other setting. For more information on related policies and programs, please contact the Office of Human Resources (5-4926).

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers help with writing at any level and in any discipline. Consultants assist writers with such things as getting thoughts on paper, revising work in progress, interpreting assignments, and working with documentation styles such as MLA and APA. The Writing Center also houses a library of writing manuals and resources. The Writing Center consultants are a highly-trained group of writers and teachers from the English and Linguistics departments whose goal is to help clients develop powerful, effective writing that clearly represents the author's ideas, research, creativity, scholarship, and expertise. The Center works with students, staff, faculty, and community members on everything from course work to grants to professional portfolios. WRITING CENTER.