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Donation of Solar Panels Could Boost Investment in SBA Nicaragua Micro-Enterprise Program
Author: School of Business Administration
Posted: April 2, 2010

Sunlight Solar Energy, a national solar panel design and installation contractor, has donated five solar panels to the SBA's Micro-Enterprise in Nicaragua Program. The panels, worth about $2000, will produce electricity for 4-5 small farmhouses in Managua, Nicaragua.

The SBA Micro-Enterprise in Nicaragua Program will take place from June 23 - July 4, 2010 and will be led by SBA professor Richard Sapp, PSU MBA+ '09 alumnus Greg Price, and Jason Selwitz of Green Empowerment.

The program entails students travelling to Managua and surrounding areas to study local micro-enterprises and micro-renewable technologies' impact on economic and social development and environmental stewardship. Participants will be challenged with creating a business model to generate extra value from the solar panels for the farmers. A portion of the money generated will be put back into a pool, managed by local non-government organization AsoFenix, that will help fund the next project.

"This model is about sustainability. The lender gets their money back, and the user gets the equipment," said Price, who founded New Roots LCC, a renewable energy services company, while earning his MBA from Portland State. "Hopefully this will bring more attention and more corporate sponsors to our program, while creating positive feedback loop."


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