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NERC is currently engaged in the following projects:

  • Regional Economic and Demographic Forecasting - NERC is in the process of developing short- and long-term forecasts of employment, income, demographics, and housing variables for the seven counties of the Portland metro region.

  • Economic Analyses with the US Forest Service - NERC staff partners with the USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station in Portland for analyses of natural resource planning and policy in the northwest.

  • The Economics of Portland's Green Loop and Urban Greenways Projects - NERC is participating in comprehensive analysis of potential costs, benefits, and development impacts of these two proposed local projects.

  • Regional Drainage District Governance Change - NERC is studying the budget, revenue, and property tax effects of potential governance change in the Columbia River region's drainage districts.


Find NERC’s latest Carbon Tax Report factsheet here! 



Find below our list of completed projects.     






Columbia Corridor Drainage District Governance Study: Analysis of revenue options for capital improvements in North Portland drainage districts.

2015 HCAS: Carbon Tax Issue Paper: Analysis on the impacts of a carbon tax on the demand for transportation fuels.

Retirement Security in Oregon: Analysis on retirement savings program participation, sources of retirement income, and impacts of program expansion in Oregon.



Economic and Emissions Impacts of a Clean Air Tax or Fee in Oregon (SB306): Analysis on how a carbon pricing policy would affect different Oregon industry sectors and regions.

A Comparison of Emergency Service Provider Costs for Formerly Homeless Persons Living in Permanent Supportive Housing in Washington County, Oregon: Comparison between the emergency service costs that homeless persons incur while homeless with their costs for the same services while residing in permanent, supportive housing.  

Impact Washington: an Economic Impact Analysis. Estimated the economic impact of Impact Washington on manufacturing in Washington State.

Oregon Property Tax Capitalization: Evidence from Portland. Calculated the effect of Oregon property tax inequities on sale price in Portland.

Union Carpenter Activity Forecasting: Forecast of union carpenter activity for the Trustee of Oregon/SW Washington Carpenters/Employers Taft-Hartly Trusts (Trust).

Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership: an Economic Impact Analysis. Estimated the economic impact of the Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership on manufacturing in Oregon.

Wave Energy in Clatsop County, OR: an Economic Impact Analysis. Estimated the economic impact of building a small-scale wave energy generation site in Clatsop County, OR.



A Study of Emergency Service Provider Costs for Chronically Homeless Persons in Washington County, Oregon. Calculated Washington County's expenditures on Homeless Services.  

Statewide Report on Health Care Quality 2013. Created maps for the Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation's statewide report on health care quality.

PEW Environment Group: Economic Research.

Highway Cost Allocation Study 2013-2015 Biennium. Managing the 2013 State of Oregon Highway Cost Allocation Study.

Research on forecasting uncertainty for the Oregon Department of Transportation.  

Vocational Rehabilitation: Return on Investment in Oregon. Estimated the return on investment of rehabilitation programs administered by Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

Carbon Tax and Shift: How to make it work for Oregon’s Economy. Investigated the effects of implementing a British Columbia-style Carbon Tax in Oregon.

Oregon’s Electric Vehicle Industry: Defined the Oregon Electric Vehicle industry, and created baseline data on the industry and its supply chain.



Contribution of the Film & Television Industry to the Economies of Oregon and the Portland Metropolitan Area: Investigated the economic footprint of the TV and Film Industry in Oregon and the Portland Metro Area.

The 2012 Forest Report: an Economic Assessment of Oregon’s Forest and Wood Products Manufacturing Sector. Subcontracted on the Oregon Department of Energy's study of the economic impacts of forest restoration.

National Forest Health Restoration: an Economic Assessment of Forest Restoration on Oregon’s Eastside National Forests. Subcontracted on the Oregon Forest Resource Institute's economic assessment of the Oregon Forest industry.

Statewide Report on Health Care Quality 2012: Created maps for the Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation's statewide report on health care quality.