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NERC's Research Assistants

    Research Assistants share firsthand experince with NERC's team. NERC research assistant  program is designed to provide Research Assistants with a meaningful learning experience while contributing to NERC projects and economic research.

    Meet the Research Assistants:

     2014 Research Assistants 

      Peter Hulseman

      Marisol Cáceres Lorenzo

      Janai Kessi 

      Kyle O'Brien 

    2013 Research Assistants 

    Janai Kessi 
    Kyle O'Brien
    Ayesha Khalid

    2012 Research Assistants 

    Hudson Munoz 
    Toby Systma


    Apply to become a Research Assistant

    • Research Assistants gained invaluable experience working in the center.
    • Learn firsthand about Northwest Economic Research.
    • Gain important, practical job skills in the field while also helping NERC meet its program goals.
    • Become mentors and sources of information for other students interested in the research assistant program.
    • Meet and network with other Economist.
    • Obtain college credit (if approved by an accredited university).