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How China Is Promoting Electric Cars

"How China Is Promoting Electric Cars - And Why"  
Ecotrope, August 2012

(Portland State University economics professor Jenny Hsing-I Liu said the industries in both the U.S. and China are facing a lot of uncertainly about the demand for electric cars.

She said it seems like China might be surpassing the U.S. in developing technology for the next generation of electric vechicles, but that EVs are still a risky business.

"It seems like China is really focused on energy security versus environmental degradation," she said. "They're putting all this money into cars that will depend on this electricity without a practical plan for dealing with carbon emissions from coal. What if carbon capture falls through? Plus, the government is spending all this money to show they have this capability but they don't know where the demand is going to come from.")

Article by Cassandra Profita.

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