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How do I complete a Recital?

Every music major must present at least one recital in order to complete their degree requirements. To register for your recital, (Performance majors must present two, a junior and a senior recital). To know which recital for which to register, please see the following chart:


Degree Course                                                                                    # to register

BA, BS, & BM in Education Emphasis                                            MUS 047 or MUS 048

BM in Composition, Performance, & Jazz Emphasis MUS 048 and MUS049

MM in Performance                                                                          MUS 506-001

MM in Conducting                                                                              MUS 506-002

MA and MS                                                                                          MUS 506-003


After registering, come into the music department office (LH 231) during the first week of the term to pick up a recital packet. During that visit, a music department employee will take you through all the required steps, and deadlines you must meet before you give your recital. It is important that all of these steps are completed on time and before your recital is given, or you will be given a NO PASS for all of your hard work. Each student is given the option of using LH 75 and the right to have their recital recorded, free of charge, by the department.