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During the fall and spring terms the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department offers a 1 credit seminar, ME 507/ME 607. Speakers from industry and other universities speak on various topics that relate to mechanical engineering. Students must take one term of seminar during their course of study--but are encouraged to attend the weekly seminars every term they are offered, even if they are not registered for credit. 


Seminar Date Speaker Name & Affiliation Title of Presentation

April 3

Elliott Gall,
National University of Sinapore

Achieving High Performance Buildings: Reducing Air Pollution in Energy-Efficient Built Environments

April 10

Mohammad Heidarinejad,
University of Maryland

Smart Buildings for Smart Cities

April 17

Natasha Hodas, Caltech

Aerosols in the Indoor Environment: Transport, Thermodynamics, and Human Exposure

April 24

Brent Stephens,
Illonois Institute of Technology 

Indoor Air Quality 

April 29 Kai-Chung Chang, Stanford The Effect of Source Proximity on Exposure to Indoor Air Pollution

May 8

Ted Tan, 
Lam Research

Applied CFD

May 15

Claire Hur
Harvard University

Differential Microfluidics for Biomedical Research 

May 22

David Kim,

Issues and Challenges on Aircraft Final Assembly 

May 29

Mark Linnick, 

CFD in the Commerical Vehicle Industry at Daimler Trucks North America. 

June 5

Chris Hinojosa, Emulate

Microfluidics for the Biotech Industry 

Students in ME 507/607 are expected to attend a minimum of 7 of the 9 seminars. Student attendance is monitored via a sign-in sheet. If you need to make up a seminar attendance you may do so by attending another university-sponsored, technically-focused seminar such as those offered in the Sciences, other Engineering Departments, or Architecture. Verification of attendance is demonstrated by submitting a 1 page summary of the presenter’s key points within 1 week after the seminar.