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Master of Engineering (MENG)

Master of Engineering -- Course Work Option

Students wishing to pursue a Masters degree without completing a research project or thesis can obtain the Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (MENG). The MENG degree can be a desirable choice for engineers who have completed a BSME degree who are currently working and are unable to allocate the time necessary for a large-scale research project. Students take a total of 45 credits of graduate courses, including the required core courses. The student's graduate advisor and the Head of the Graduate Program must approve the elective graduate courses.

Although this coursework option does not require a research project, students graduating with the coursework option can take ME 506, Project credits to supplement their program of study with a smaller-scale project.

The information on this page is intended to aid students in the completion of their degrees. The degree requirements are subject to change, and this web page is not a binding document. Students should become familiar with the degree requirements as specified in the current Portland State University Bulletin.

Graduation Check List

To graduate with an MENG degree, students must complete the following:

A total of 45 credits of approved graduate coursework comprised of:

  • ME 551, Engineering Analysis
  • An advisor-approved 5xx level mathematics or statistics course
  • 37 – 38 approved graduate elective credits (precise credit total depends of credits for mathematics or statistics course)

*ME 507, Seminar is not required, but may be taken once as an elective.*

The following forms:

  • Application for Degree
  • GO-17M

The two forms listed above are available on the Forms Page of the web site for the Office of Graduate Studies. Please note that the GO-12 form is no longer required and has been replaced by Graduate DARS Audits. Graduate DARS Audits are completed by OGS at this time and will be automatically run for you at the time of your application for graduation. If you would like to have a DARS generated to check your progress prior to applying for graduation please email with your name, PSU ID#, degree program and Bulletin year you're graduating under.

Graduate students should be aware of the deadlines for submission of forms to the Office of Graduate Studies.


The table below identifies examples of courses that can be grouped together to create cohesive focuses in an MENG program. The student’s graduate advisor will assist in identifying the courses that meet the student’s area of interest.

Controls Coursework

HVAC / Building Science Coursework

ME 552 – Control Engineering I

ME 553 – Control Engineering II

ME 554 – Controls Engineering Lab

ME 510 - Microcontrollers

ME 510 - Mechatronics

ME 520 – Thermal Systems Design

ME 521 – Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Design Fundamentals

ME 522 – Building Energy Use Modeling

ME 524 – HVAC System Design and Control

ME 526 – Solar Engineering