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Master of Engineering (MENG)

Master of Engineering -- Course Work Option

Students wishing to pursue a Master’s Degree without completing a research project or thesis can obtain the Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (MENG). The MENG degree is a desirable choice for engineers who have completed a BSME degree and who are currently working and unable to allocate the time necessary for a large-scale research project. Students take a total of 45 credits of graduate courses, including the required core courses. The student's graduate advisor and the Head of the Graduate Program must approve the elective graduate courses.

Although this coursework option does not require a research project, students graduating with the coursework option can take ME 506, Project credits to supplement their program of study with a smaller-scale project.

To graduate with an MENG degree, students must complete the following:

A total of 45 credits of approved graduate coursework comprised of:

  • ME 551, Engineering Analysis
  • An advisor-approved 5xx level mathematics or statistics course
  • 37 – 38 approved graduate elective credits (precise credit total depends of credits for mathematics or statistics course)


*ME 507, Seminar is not required, but may be taken once as an elective.*