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How to Apply

Graduate Degrees - Application Process

Students must meet Departmental, College, and University requirements to gain admission to, and to complete a graduate degree in Mechanical or Materials Engineering.  

Students wishing to be admitted into a Mechanical or Materials Engineering graduate program must submit two applications.  The first to the university and a second to the department.  Applications should be submitted concurrently.  Students must complete the departmental application online, paper applications will not be accepted. Students must be admitted to both the university and the department in order to move through the program.


PSU Application Information 

You can contact the MME office via email if you have any questions:


Application Deadlines for Admission to the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering*

  • Fall 2015 Term: Consideration for priority funding deadline - January 15th** (all supporting documents received no later than January 31st).  Last day to submit an application April 15th (all supporting documents received no later than May 15th).
  • Applications for Spring 2016 are not currently available.

* The MME department only admits students to the graduate program during Fall and Spring terms.

** Students who wish to be considered for a priority decision on a funding package must have their applications submitted no later then January 15th.  The department will continue to accept applications until April 15th.


Departmental Application Checklist

Applicants must submit two applications -- one to PSU Admissions, and one to the Department as described below. The admission process will be delayed if incomplete applications are submitted.

Please read the following checklist carefully before continuing on to the Departmental Online Application; be prepared to submit the requested items electronically:

  1. Scan of one transcript from each post-secondary institution attended, clearly illustrating an earned Bachelors in ME or a closely related field. (The MME Department follows PSU guidelines in regards to GPA minimums, in this case, 3.0 or the international equivalent.)

  2. Three letters of recommendation. It is preferred that at least two of the recommendations be from a faculty member or an academic advisor. These recommendations should come directly from the evaluator and uploaded to the CollegeNet website.  Recommendors will be notified via email through CollegeNet when you submit their email as a recommendor on the application.

  3. Statement of Purpose and resume or curriculum vitae.  For PhD Students it is strongly recommended that applicants discuss research opportunities with faculty in advance of applying and they should specify a specific area of interest or desired advisor within their statement of purpose.

  4. Ph.D. applicants must submit GRE general test scores (this may be waived in the case of a student who has received their B.S. from an ABET-accredited school and their M.S. from PSU).

  5. M.S. applicants with Bachelors degrees from non-engineering disciplines or from non-ABET accredited engineering programs are strongly encouraged to submit GRE general test scores, although they are not required.

  6. Students intending to pursue a Ph.D. and who are applying with only a B.S. degree must first apply for and earn a Masters degree. All Ph.D. applicants must have already earned a Masters degree.

  7. International applicants, or students having graduated from an institution that did not teach their coursework in English from an approved country per International Admissions, must provide passing TOEFL/IELTS/PTE scores. The MME Department follows PSU guidelines for English proficiency. Those guidelines can be found here

  8. When the Department has received all of the above, the student's application will be reviewed by the MME graduate admissions committee. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed and the department does not do pre-evaluation of students who have not submitted a full application. Since a Ph.D. student must have a supervising advisor for admittance, all prospective Ph.D. students must contact one of the faculty members in their research area of interest prior to submitting their Ph.D. application. If the Graduate Committee is unable to match a PhD applicant to a supervising advisor after having reviewed the file, the student will not be admitted to the program.

MME Online Application

Please follow the link to fill out the online departmental application; you will be required to create an account in order to start that process. You may save your progress and return to the application at any time by using that log in information. Departmental applications submitted in any method other than via CollegeNet will not be considered.

Please note: If you do not register for the term to which you are admitted, your admission will be automatically cancelled unless you notify PSU Admissions and the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering of your intent to change the date of enrollment. Notification must be given prior to the term for which you are admitted by filling out and returning a Change of Term form to Failure to supply complete and accurate information on all paperwork will subject a student to the University's policies governing academic dishonesty.