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Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

FE Exam and Review

The Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE Exam), is offered through the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying (OSBEELS). This is a comprehensive examination, with sections relating to specific Engineering fields, for people who are within 3 months of finishing, or who have finished, their BS in Engineering. If you plan to become a fully licensed Professional Engineer you would need to first take the FE Exam followed later by the PE Exam.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department offers an FE Review course every Winter term to assist students in preparing for the Exam. Details about the course and the corresponding fee can be found here:

FE Application Information

The link to the FE application can be found here.

Most, if not all, students use their education to qualify to take the exam, as opposed to using experience. When choosing to qualify using your education, you will only need to fill out and submit pages 1, 2 and 4 of the application. Only use the rest of the packet if you plan to qualify with experience. Once you've filled out the application, print it and bring it to the MME Office.  The Department Chair must sign section 7, “Confirmation of Educational Requirements,” which says that you will have finished your BSME within 3 months of taking the FE Exam. Be sure to allow enough time before the deadline for the department’s review and signature. Once signed, it will be up to you to mail the form to OSBEELS along with your application fee.

If you are a recent graduate of the BSME program, or if you are a grad student who earned your BSME from an ABET accredited institution in the United States, you don't need the Department Chair’s signature; you'll just need to submit an official BSME transcript to OSBEELS with your application. If your undergraduate degree is not from an ABET accredited U.S. program, OSBEELS requires that you provide official documentation of a course-by-course evaluation that shows equivalency to an ABET Engineering degree. Please contact OSBEELS for more information regarding this process: or 503-362-2666.

Post Application Information

Once you've applied for the FE Exam, OSBEELS will send you notification letting you know if you've been approved by the board to take the exam. If you’ve been approved you will then need to make sure to follow their instructions to sign up to take the exam. Sending in your application materials doesn't automatically register you to take the FE. If you do not follow this process it will most likely result in you not being able to take the FE until the following exam offering.

After you’ve taken the exam and have graduated from the BSME program, you will need to have an official, final copy of your transcript sent to OSBEELS. This transcript needs to be sent within 3 months of you taking the exam. OSBEELS will not release your scores until they receive a transcript that shows that you’ve completed your degree.