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Admissions Overview

Mechanical engineering affords a wide range of career paths. Students have gone on to work in: aerospace, energy conversion, energy utilization, environmental design and management, chemical processing, electro-mechanical systems, controls, mechanical design, manufacturing, and materials.

BSME Admission Overview

Students wishing to apply to the BSME Program need to apply to both Portland State University and the Mechanical Engineering Department to be considered for admission. Information about applying to PSU can be found here.  Students who have taken relevant courses at other institutions should consult the on-line information about transfer admission.

While students may declare Mechanical Engineering as their major at any time after enrolling at PSU, they must be formally admitted to enroll in restricted upper-division courses and graduate from the program. 

Selective Admissions Overview

As the enrollment has grown, selective admission became the necessary solution for healthy class size along with maintaining our standards of excellence. Prior academic performance is our criteria for selective admission; the Admissions Committee will be choosing the most highly qualified students for admission.

Selective admission is based on the applicant pool for that admission cycle. This means that the Selective G.P.A cut-off from a previous year has no bearing on what the Selective G.P.A cut-off will be for the following year.  The minimum Selective GPA cut-off; however, will be 2.25.