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2014 Design Fair

During the spring term, students in the mechanical engineering freshman sequence, and seniors in the capstone sequence have the opportunity to prototype their groups design.  The Design Fair is a chance for students to show off their prototypes and answer questions about their designs.  


This years Design Fair will take place on Thursday, June 5th from 2-3 p.m. in the Engineering Building Atrium.  




Rocket Airframe


The rocket airframe capstone team designed a next-generation rocket airframe for the Portland State Aerospace Society (PSAS). The team designed an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber airframe with a reduction in weight of approximately 80%. The ultimate goal for PSAS is to reach the edge of space at an altitude of 100 km. This achievement would make PSAS the second amateur rocketry group in history to reach the Karman line.


3D Systems Group Two

The capstone team will design and print a fully-functional 3D-printed clock that is produced in a single print run, with no assembly required or extra components added. The clock will derive its power from a mechanical source that will require charging once per hour and will be accurate to within one minute per day. This project is graciously sponsored by 3D Systems.


4 Wheel Off Road Handcycle

We designed a frame for a four wheeled mountain bike and developed a drive system to allow it to be powered by the riders hands. This design allows the bike to be ridden by people who do not have use of their legs.


Myoelectric Controlled Therapy System

It's an exercise machine like the machines you see in the gym. It's 8ft in length and 2.5 ft in width. It will take a space vertically, if there is no low ceiling everything will be good.


Yakima Top Of Car Load Assist

Our project is design for Yakima to help with loading a bikes on to the the top of a car (TOP). Currently Yakima's top of car bike systems involve lifting the bike on to the top of the car.This load assist design will help people especially our target market audience, a 5'2'' women with a Subaru, be able to lift and load their bikes more easily on to the top of the car, using mechanical assistance.


Material Transportation Robot

The eventual purpose of this robot is to carry high-end computer chips on Axiom Electronics’ production floor.This robot will be fully autonomous. The work this capstone team has done was to design and assemble all of the mechanical components of the robot.


Yakima Hold-Up Rack Load Assist Mechanism

The Capstone design team will design a rear of car bicycle rack with a load assist mechanism for heavy and over-sized bikes. The goal of the project is to design a product that is easy to operate for the end user and have equal functionality as the original rack without the added assist mechanism. The team was also charged with improving on previous designs problems including weight and user functionality. The design includes adjustable gas spring technology to allow for variable applied loads to the rack so that up to two (2) bicycles can be loaded and unloaded with minimal work by the user.


Project Nyx

Project Nyx is a redesign of the Victory 106 V-twin engine's cylinder head. The purpose of the redesign is to make the head more aesthetically pleasing as well as have both the front and rear exhaust coming out towards the front right side of the bike. This will simplify the design process by only requiring a single design of the cylinder head for both the front and rear of the engine. Performance is another important factor so before deciding on a final design the port and fin iterations were tested against the Victory engine with a goal to have as good as or better performance. Hot Rod Conspiracy, the sponsor of Project Nyx, would like to use this new cylinder head on a custom bike that has a unique look that separates it from Victory motorcycles as well as other comparable high performance bikes.


Backpack Bot

The Backpack Bot can be used by virtually anyone; for college students with back breaking textbooks, people with disabilities and of course any other girl who does not feel like toting around her purse. The Product aims to "lighten the load" for its users and follow them about the house, campus, or wherever else life may take them.


Virtual Guide

The idea of this project is object avoidance using only LED sensors and an RFID sensor to guide a blinded person by helping them navigate around obstacles in their way. The person will wear a headset that prevents them from seeing where they are going so that they must rely totally on the LED sensors to guide them towards the RFID sensor. The LED and the RFID sensor will have a visual connection to an array of LED lights and an audio connection within the headset that allows the wearer to be aware of their proximity to an object and the direction they need to go to avoid the obstruction.


Das Überbike

Das Überbike is a system designed to make shifting gears on a bicycle safer and easier. A tilt sensor measures the grade of the riding surface and a magnetic sensor calculates your pedal speed. Das Überbike uses this information to select and shift into the right gear for the conditions, leaving the rider free to keep an Über-cautious eye on changing road conditions.


Autonomous Self Relief for Quadriplegics

We wanted to come up with a proof of concept that would provide greater independence to quadriplegics. Our group has designed a system that could be installed on a wheelchair and that would allow a quadriplegic person the autonomy of emptying their catheter bag with less dependence on others. The system measures the weight of the bag before being emptied and keeps track of this information for medical records. This will be useful to quadriplegic persons and nurses/care givers, giving more freedom.


Automatic French Press

Our device facilitates convenient French press coffee brewing in the morning. It automatically heats water to the optimal temperature, brews the coffee for the perfect amount of time, and separates the grinds from the coffee. This enables you to start your day with a cup of perfection.


The Illuminati

The MoveLight is a vehicle mounted spotlight that is remotely aimed by the operator's head movements.  This results in the spotlight pointing wherever the operator is looking, therefore freeing the hands of the operator allowing the simultaneous operation of a vehicle and a powerful spotlight.


Awesome Dog Door


We are building a smart dog door that can be attached to your front door. The door will be operable remotely via SMS messaging, open on command and close on command. For the design fair, we will attach the door to a dog kennel for demonstration. We only will be needing a space and an extension cord to a 110V source.


Security-Bot 5000

Security-Bot 5000 represents the latest in autonomous travel and color tracking technology.  Security-Bot 5000 can navigate around obstacles on its own always aiming to stay in the center of a hallway.  This autonomous marvel is equipped with a color detection camera system, which can track a variety of programmable colors.  Equipped with a wireless camera, a technician can watch Security-Bot 5000's movements from a distance.   Freshman

Integrated Bike Light System


The integrated bike light system is composed of a rear brake light and a headlight that are both mounted to the bike. The system is unique because the brake light will be activated by a flex sensor at the user's discretion. Furthermore, the headlight will raise and lower automatically depending on the speed of the bike. This will allow the rider the same amount of reaction time regardless of how quickly he or she is riding. The entire system will be powered by a battery and controlled by a pre-programmed arduino.


The Ultimately Tuned Guitar


We are creating a guitar that will pick up on an out of tune note when the string is plucked, and then automatically make an adjustment to tighten or loosen the tension in the string. The string will be adjusted using a quick response stepper motor. Humidity levels are a big factor in how quickly guitars become out of tune, so we are also including a humidity and temperature sensor, and an automatic water release system into the guitar.


Chump Change


Chump Change is a vending machine that allows the user to rid them self of pesky loose pocket-change. Instead of demanding a fixed price for a preset quantity of product, this machine will take a varying amount of coinage and use a flow rate calculation to dispense product proportionally. Need a quick snack but only have a few odd denominations in your pocket? Chump Change will serve you whatever it's worth!




DAT-RAD will feature a user side consisting of an elbow brace, similar to those worn on the field by professional athletes, that is mounted from the upper arm portion to a base platform. A cable will be attached to the wrist area on one end and a spool on the other. The spool will be attached to a motor which will provide variable tension to the cable. The sensor portion is a 0-100lbs flex sensor mounted to a block so that objects can be placed on top of it and weighed. Using a micro-controller, the downward force exerted on the flex sensor will be mirrored on the user’s arm via the elbow brace.

Find the Bunny   

The purpose of our project is to have a light tracking and following a moving object.  And this will be by using a sharp infrared distance sensor which will be attached to a servo motor. Infront of this servo motor, their will be a moving object (we decided to have a bunny) on a track.  And the movement of this bunny will be controlled by an arduino.


eClipse Shading System


The eClipse Shading System is an external automated window shade designed for optimal thermal efficiency. Light and temperature sensors determine the ideal position of the shades. By allowing sun to enter during cooler temperatures and blocking light during warmer climes this device can significantly reduce heating and cooling loads. A desired indoor temperature can be set simply with a dial. Just set it and enjoy the savings!


Vintage Motorcycle Ignition Controller Kit

Our project is to develop a simple kit that adapts older motors, which use mechanical "points" based ignition timing to computer controlled ignition timing. The kit will also control idle speed based on engine temperature and will be able to display data such as RPM.



We are assembling an 8 rotor multirotor copter equipped with a cell reception repeater. The multirotor will be driven by an ardupilot autopilot system integrated with GPS. This will allow the multirotor to fly itself above ground obstacles to relay trace cell signal from the sky down to the user.