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Middle East Studies Scholarships

The Middle East Studies Center administers scholarships and fellowships for Middle East language and area studies at Portland State University.

Scholarship Recipients 2015:

Zachary LeViere (Gary and Patricia Leiser Scholarship):

Zachary LeViere is an accepted graduate student studying history. His focus is on Middle Eastern History and he has a special interest in the creation of the modern nation states. While not having begun his graduate studies yet, he has been taking Arabic courses since summer 2014 in order to prepare himself for the language requirements in his Master’s program. Zachary plans to use the scholarship funding in order to continue his Arabic studies and be able to study abroad in the Middle East in summer 2016. His goals for the future are to work for either the U.S. Department of State, an NGO providing aid to conflicted areas, or with the United Nations.

George Rohrich (Elizabeth Ducey Scholarship):

George is a PSU undergraduate student studying abroad at the Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey for the academic year 2014-2015. His major is International Development and he is especially interested in the current changing socio-political situation within Turkey and the surrounding areas. He will use the scholarship funding to prepare and bring the findings of his independent research project in Turkey to a scholarly and thorough conclusion. His goals for the future are to be selected for a position in which he can utilize his experience assisting individuals, groups, and communities to improve their quality of life. 

Kelsey Canoy (John Damis Middle East Studies Scholarship):

Kelsey Canoy is a second-year undergraduate student at PSU. Her major is Arabic, with Middle East Studies being her special focus area. With the scholarship funding, she is planning to support her study of intensive third-year Arabic this summer in Amman, Jordan and Muscat, Oman. Having discovered her own passion in it, her future goal is to be able to teach abroad to help others embrace the power of language.