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The Middle East Studies Center at Portland State University promotes understanding of the people, cultures, languages and religions of the Middle East.

Middle East Studies Center serves as a resource on issues pertaining to the Middle East through activities that reach students and scholars, as well as businesses, educators, and the media. The Middle East Studies Center supports academic conferences, workshops, cultural events, lectures, and a resource library.

The Middle East Studies Center started in 1959 as the first federally supported undergraduate program for Arabic language and Middle East area studies in the nation. Portland State’s Middle East studies curriculum includes foreign language courses in Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish and Persian as well as area studies courses in a number of disciplines. The Middle East studies program boasts a distinguished faculty and vast library resources.

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To further its mission, the Middle East Studies Center solicits grants and contracts from governmental and private sources. The Middle East Studies Center gratefully acknowledges support from the Aramco Services Company and the following program sponsors: