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Math Excel

What is Math Excel?

A Math Excel workshop is a community of learners, working together to enhance the mathematical understanding of all of the participants. It is an optional one credit course, open to students enrolled in the first two terms of Calculus (MTH 251 or 252).

Math Excel students spend two hours per week working in small groups of their peers, forging a more solid understanding of mathematics.

Goals of Math Excel

  • To increase conceptual understanding of mathematics for all participants
  • To increase the diversity of people in mathematics and to increase the success rate for all math students
  • To create mathematical learning communities

You are invited . . .

If you are a PSU student registering for Mth 251 or Mth 252, consider also signing up for a one credit Math Excel workshop to take in conjunction with your math class.

To register for a Math Excel course, look for
MTH 299 “SPST: Math Excel 251 or 252”

Math Excel courses generally meet once a week for two hours. Students work in groups of three or four on challenging problems designed to promote concept understanding and communication with each other. The problems allow students to explore more deeply the big ideas of their concurrent math class. Math Excel workshop leaders and mentors circulate among the groups, facilitating discussion.

There are no exams, no homework, no texts to buy, and no pressure.

The only requirement for passing the course is that you attend regularly and participate in the learning and discussion.

Participants say . . .

“Math Excel allowed me to bounce ideas off other students in a very relaxed environment”

“Working as a team gives the group an opportunity to come up with multiple approaches to one problem – and seeing it through different insights was extremely helpful”