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Graduate Teacher Education Program (GTEP) in Advanced Mathematics

Below is a list of the minimal mathematics coursework required for individuals needing a Departmental Recommendation to enter the Graduate Teacher Education Program (GTEP) in Advanced Mathematics. GTEP is in the Graduate School of Education, but these mathematics prerequisites are taken in the Fariborz Maseeh Department of Mathematics and Statistics. A bachelor's degree is also required by GTEP, although not necessarily in mathematics. One may apply for the GTEP program before completing all course work, but coursework must be completed before entrance to GTEP.

For a Mathematics Department Recommendation, please contact: Joe Ediger,, 503-725-3651, or Sylvia Giroux,, 503-725-4564, for the Basic Math Recommendation and Dr. Jeanette Palmiter,, or Dr. Steven Boyce,, for the Advanced Math Recommendation.

Program Requirements:

The program must include the following courses or approved substitutions:

Required by the Fariborz Maseeh Department of Mathematics and Statistics (12 courses. The 400-level courses may be taken at the 500-level for graduate credit.)

  • MTH 251 Calculus I (4)
  • MTH 252 Calculus II (4)
  • MTH 253 Calculus III (4)
  • MTH 261 Introduction to Linear Algebra (4) (must be taken before MTH 254)
  • MTH 254 Calculus IV(4)
  • MTH 271 Mathematical Computing or CS 161 Introduction to Computer Science (or equivalent programming course) (4)
  • MTH 338 Modern College Geometry (4)
  • MTH 344 Group Theory (4)
  • MTH 346 Number Theory (4)
  • MTH 356 Discrete Mathematics (4)
  • MTH 481/581 Probability for Math Teachers or MTH 482/582 Statistics for Math Teachers or STAT 451/551 Applied Statistics for Engr/Sci (4) or STAT 461 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I (3) or STAT 462 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II (3)
  • At least ONE approved upper division mathematics electives:(Approved courses include but are not limited to)
    • MTH 311 Introduction to Mathematical Analysis I (Required if applying for MS-MTCH)
    • MTH 345 Ring & Field Theory
    • MTH 481/581 or MTH 482/581 or STAT 452/552 Applied Statistics for Engr&Sci II (to supplement the required prob/stat above)
    • MTH 483/583 Topics in Geometry for Math Teachers
    • MTH 484/584 Topics in Algebra for Math Teachers
    • MTH 486/586 History of Mathematics (Highly recommended!)
    • MTH 487/587 Discrete Mathematics for Teachers
    • MTH 488/588 Technology for Math Teachers

Recommended by the School of Education

  • Ed 420/520 Introduction to Education (3)