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Tucker Childs



Ph.D. Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley 1988M.S. Sociolinguistics, Georgetown University 1982M.Ed. Teaching English, University of Virginia 1980Diploma in Anglo-Irish Literature (Honours), Trinity College, Dublin 1975A.B. English, Stanford University 1970

Courses Taught
  • LING 232: Introduction to Language and Society
  • LING 410/510: Selected Topics: Black English (African American Vernacular English - AAVE), Field Methods, Language Contact, Language Variation, Language and Gender, Language Endangerment, Language Typology
  • LING 412/512: Phonology
  • LING 415/515: Linguistic Phonetics
  • LING 420/520: Historical and Comparative Linguistics
  • LING 432/532: Sociolinguistics
  • LING 482/582: Pidgins and Creoles


Representative Publications

  • Childs, T. (2014). Sound symbolism.  In J.R. Taylor (Ed.), The Oxford handbook of the word. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
  • Childs, T. (2013). Doing what (you think) is right in the field: Problematizing the documentation of endangered languages. In R. Vossen & W.H.G. Haacke (Eds.), Lone Tree: Khoisan Studies in the Service of the Koon. Essays in memory of Anthony Traill (pp. 91-108). Cologne, Germany: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag.
  • Childs, T. (2012). Languages of Africa. In M. Aronoff (Ed.), Oxford Bibliographies in Linguistics. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Childs, T. (2011). A Grammar of Mani. New York and Berlin: de Gruyter.
  • Childs, T. (2010). Language contact in Africa, a selected review.  In R. Hickey (Ed.), Handbook of Language Contact (pp. 695-713). Malden, MA and Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.