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Dr. Gwen Shusterman
Dr. Gwen Shusterman

Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D. | University of California at Berkeley, 1983

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California at Berkeley, 1983-1984


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Research Interests

My interests include the use of molecular modeling to study the structure and properties of molecules, and the use of high-quality graphical images generated by software to convey chemical information. I am involved in the development of courses making use of molecular modeling to teach chemical concepts and also the integration of new teaching techniques into the classroom. I am also interested in integrating molecular modeling into courses at all levels.

Current projects include: "Curriculum Revision with Education Technology: Improving Student Outcomes in large Classrooms" with Nancy Perrin and John Rueter, and "Chemistry ConcepTests LInked to Course Learning Objectives" with Carl Wamser.

Representative Publications

  • Teaching Chemistry with Electron Density Models, Shusterman, G.; Shusterman, A., J. Chem. Ed., 74, 771-776, 1997.