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Professor Andres Holz Professor Andres Holz
Dr. Holz's interests include forest dynamics, disturbance ecology, climate-fire-human relationships, and bringing students out into the forest to experience biogeography at its best.
Faculty Member
Professor Martin Swobodzinski Professor Martin Swobodzinski
Dr. Swobodzinski's research examines the intricate ways in which individual decision making is mediated through spatial technologies.
Faculty Member
Professor Britt Crow-Miller Professor Britt Crow-Miller
Dr. Crow-Miller's research is focused on the question of how power and politics work to shape and constrain development pathways in China and beyond.
Faculty Member
Water Sustainability Water Sustainability
Dr. Heejun Chang's collaborative water research examines the complex factors involved in changing hydrologic systems and provides governments, policy makers, and resource managers the data and tools to develop plans to address the growing demand on fresh water supplies.
The Cultural Atlas of Portland The Cultural Atlas of Portland
Dr. Hunter Shobe and David Banis of the Department of Geography are blowing up traditional map making in order to challenge our perceptions of Portland: its people, places, security cameras, and coyote sightings.
Bringing the Geography of Oregon into the Classroom Bringing the Geography of Oregon into the Classroom
Providing teachers with tools to incorporate geography into lessons: The Student Atlas of Oregon connects children to Oregon and the world beyond.
Professor Martin Lafrenz Professor Martin Lafrenz
Studying the effects of human land use
Faculty Member
David Banis David Banis
Associate Director of the Center for Spatial Analysis and Research (CSAR)
Faculty Member
School of the Environment School of the Environment
Professor Barbara Brower Professor Barbara Brower
Faculty Member
Professor Geoffrey Duh Professor Geoffrey Duh
Research focuses on developing geocomputational theory and techniques to integrate GIS and remote sensing technologies in spatial decision-making.
Faculty Member
Professor Teresa Bulman Professor Teresa Bulman
Professor Teresa Bulman keeps Geography Education on the map!
Faculty Member
Karin Waller Karin Waller
Keeps the Geography Department running!
Staff Member
Oregon Geographic Alliance Oregon Geographic Alliance
Grants awarded for Oregon teachers
Community Partnership
Professor Heejun Chang Professor Heejun Chang
Professor Chang believes that the 21st century will be the Climate and Water Century.
Faculty Member
Professor Geoffrey Duh Professor Geoffrey Duh
Professor Geoffrey Duh believes that every student is capable of exceeding his or her own expectations.
Faculty Member