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Educating the Next Generation of Power Engineers Educating the Next Generation of Power Engineers
In the PGE Foundation Power Engineering Education Laboratory, undergraduate and graduate students under the guidance of Dr. Robert Bass are gaining the experiences they'll need to power a rapidly changing world.
Collaboration, Inspiration, Breakthrough Collaboration, Inspiration, Breakthrough
Innovation: Dr. Robert Daasch, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Dr. Glenn Shirley, Adjunct Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, develop a method for supporting decision-making in the testing and manufacturing of semiconductors
Meet Joe Rawson Meet Joe Rawson
Joe Rawson proves that you don't need to take a straight path to get to where you want to go.
Undergraduate Student
Meet Nicole Zimmerman Meet Nicole Zimmerman
Undergraduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Undergraduate Student
Marek Perkowski Marek Perkowski
Mr. Roboto - Bringing quantum computing to life
Faculty Member
James McNames James McNames
Movement Measures - Using technology in the battle against Parkinson's Disease
Faculty Member
Meet Martin Siderius Meet Martin Siderius
Dr. Siderius’ research focuses on underwater acoustics.
Faculty Member
Meet Christof Teuscher Meet Christof Teuscher
Dr. Teuscher’s research focuses on the future of computers.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Marek Perkowski Meet Professor Marek Perkowski
Marek Perkowski is helping to lay the groundwork for quantum computers.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Robert Daasch Meet Professor Robert Daasch
Robert Daasch has a passion for students. He works hard to make sure they are successful.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Lisa Zurk Meet Professor Lisa Zurk
"It is exciting to have my work in electromagnetics and acoustics contribute to the burgeoning research activity in the ECE department."
Faculty Member