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About The Award

Aim of the Awards

Promote and reward outstanding teaching in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS).


$500 plus a plaque presented at the Awards Reception

  1. Annual affair with selection made in the spring quarter and awards given at the end of the spring quarter
  2. Source for the Awards: Sources of funding are outside the university
  3. Future aim: that each deaprtment will have their own award that will be self perpetuating (a $15,000 endowment will meet this need); possibly this award will be named after a retired outstanding faculty member of the department


Faculty in CLAS at Portland State University (tenure-track, fixed term, and adjunct)

  1. After receiving an award, a faculty member is not eligible for three years (ie. two years must pass between the award and being eligible for another).
  2. Awards are given to department of each of the following groups

Social Sciences
Small Programs:

Chicano/Latino Studies, Black Studies, Women's Studies, Judaic Studies, Native American Studies, Religious Studies

Selection Process

Student Selection:

  1. Each department will select a committee of at least 15 outstanding students based on GPA. For departments with graduate programs, teh committee should be made up of approximately 50% seniors, and 50% graduate students at the end of their programs. For departments without graduate students, the committee will be made up of mainly seniors.
  2. The student committee will meet Scott Burns to determine the outstanding teacher for that year. All students will be given a list of the eligible faculty. A general discussion of those memebers will follow concerning teaching. Then, students will be asked to rank the faculty members they feel they can evaluate and based on rank, an outstanding professor will be selected.