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Funding for Better Living

Paula Carder, PhD, Institute On Aging

The safety net for low-income seniors seeking long-term care is slowly diminishing. In a study conducted by Portland State University, it was found that while Medicaid reimbursement for community-based long-term care declined by 3 percent, the acuity of the clients in community-based care increased when adjusted for inflation. Furthermore, nearly half of the residents have some form of demential, including Alzheimer's disease. 

Forcasting Senior Populations     

  Richard Lycan, PhD Senior Research Associate, Institute On Aging      

This project seeks to: Improve population forecasts for senior populations • Increase awareness of issues related to forecasting senior populations • Provide support to corecasters •

Two threads come together

1. PSU population Research Center (PRC) school demography contract business • Forecasts for small geographies •

Tied to housing and local planning • Can some of the methods used for school enrollment forecasting be applied to seniors?

2. Oregon land use law requires county coordinated population forecasts • Law stems from 1973 Senate Bill 100 • Broad early public support • Broad early public support • Mandates county planning and zoning •Strong state oversight • Counties now required to use PSU for coordinated forcasts •How will the burgeoning senior population be handled in forecats?

Richard Lycan, PhD Senior Research Associate, Institute On Aging

 Direct Care Worker's Perceptions of Job Satisfaction Following Implementation of Work Based Learning

The purpose of this study was to understand the impact of a work-based learning program on the work lives of Direct Care Workers (DCW) at assisted living residences.  Research questions were addressed using focus group data collected as part of a larger evaluation of a work-based learning program called Jobs to Careers.  The Theoretical perspective of symbolic interactionism was usd to frame the qualitative data analysis. Results indicated that the work based learning program impacted DCW's job satisfaction through the program curriculum and design and through three primary catagories: relational aspects of work, worker identity and finding time.  This article presents a conceptual model for understanding how these categories are interrelated and the implications for work based learning programs.  Job satisfaction is a important topic that has been linked to quality of care and reduced turnover in long-term care settings.

Diana L. White, Cynthia Lopez, and Paula C. Carder

                            Client Satisfaction Survey: Oregon Project Independence

February 26, 2013,Diana White, PhD, and Sheryl Elliott, Portland State University Institute on Aging

In February 2013, Portland State University, Institute on Aging and PSU's Survey Research Lavoratory conducted a survey of OPI clients and family members.  The purpose of the survy was to determine client satisfaction with OPI services and to assess the impact of the services on those individuals' abilities to remain in their homes.


     State Unit on Aging on Aging and Disability Resource Centers and Options Counseling                                                                September 2012.                                                            Diana White PhD, Anna Foucek Tressider, MPH, Paula Carder, PhD, Donald Truxillo, PhD,                                                               Susie Barrios, LCSW

The IOA published an article in Metroscape titled Planning for Our Aging Society focusing on the need to prepare for an aging region and detailing the efforts that are underway among local municipalities and universities. 

Lane Transit District Integrated Functional Transportation Assessment Project: Findings from a Case Study and
Developmental Evaluation,
December 2011.
Margaret B. Neal PhD, Susan Eliot MSPH, Mark Person AICP, Jost Lottes PhD


Jobs to Careers project report, November 2010.Diana White PhD, David Cadiz PhD, Cynthia Lopez

Rural Transit in Oregon: Current and Future Needs, January 2010
Jennifer Dill, Margaret B. Neal, Ray Delahanty, Talia Jacobson, Darin Lund
Center for Transportation Studies site with link to Final Report


Creating Livable Communities for an Aging Society, Summer 2009
Hollywood Community Partners Report

Needs, Costs, and Funding Alternatives for Transportation Services for Older Adults and People with Disabilities in Urban and Rural Oregon, October 2008
Jennifer Dill, Margaret Neal, Richard Lycan, Ray Delahanty, Talia Jacobson, Kelly Smith, Ariana Tipper
Executive Summary
Final Report

The Older Driver in Oregon: A Survey of Driving Behavior and Cessation, March 2008
Margaret Neal, Sharon Baggett, Kathleen Sullivan, Tyrae Mahan
Final Report

The World Health Organization Age-Friendly Cities Project in Portland, Oregon, USA, March 2007
Margaret Neal, Alan DeLaTorre
Summary of Findings
Final Report

Age-Related Shifts in Housing and Transportation Demand, August 2006
Margaret Neal, Nancy Chapman, Jennifer Dill, Irina Sharkova, Alan DeLaTorre, Kathleen Sullivan, Tomoko Kanai, Sheila Martin
Final Report