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Diana White, Ph.D.

 Diana White, PhD          

 Senior Research Associate II






Office: URBN 470N
Phone: 503-725-2725
Fax: 503-725-5100


Work force in aging services, behavioral health services, and long-term care, person–centered environments for elders and the direct care workers who support them; intergenerational relationships; family ties in middle and old age; family bereavement.


Dr. White works on a variety of education and evaluation projects.  Current work includes:

        •    ADRC Mental Health Training & Education.  Oregon Department of Human Services, Aging &                People with Disabilities.

        •    ADRC Consumer Satisfaction Survey, Round 5.  Department of Human Services, Aging &                        People with Disabilities.

        •    Buidling Partnerships for Older Adults with Behavioral Health Needs [Investment in Senior                      Mental Health Specialists.] Oregon Health Authority, Health Systems Division.

         •   Development of the Person-Directed Care Instrument for Residents.  Quality Fund Award,                         Oregon Department of Human Services.  Aging & People with Disabilities.

         •   Dementia Training for Aging and Disabilities Resource Connections Staff and Partners.

              Oregon Department of Human Services, Aging & People with Disabilities


 Dr. White was co-project director with Julie Cartwright at the OHSU School of Nursing, Enriched Clinical Learning Environments through Partnerships (ECLEPs), funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration and the Northwest Health Foundation. Its purpose was to attract nursing students into long-term care careers through excellent clinical learning experiences. Dr. White was also the PI on projects related to development and evaluation of ADRCs and options counseling, a core service. Dr. White and other PSU faculty and staff developed professional standards for options counselors, developed and delivered training, and conducted consumer satisfaction surveys. Previous research focused on supporting direct care workers in long-term care settings and developing tools to measure person-directed care practices. Dr. White teaches the Families and Aging course for the School of Community Health.

Selected Publications - scholarly publications

           White, D., & O'Brian, J. (2014).  Family health in mid and late life.  Kaakinen, J., Cochlo, D.P., Steele, R., Tabacco, A.,& Hanson, S.M.H. (Eds.). Family health care nursing: Theory, practice & research (5th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis.

            Lopez, C., White, D.L., & Carder, P. (2014). Direct Care Worker Job Satisfaction.  Following Implementation of Work Based Learning., Journal of Applied Gerontology. 33. 97-120

             White, D.L., & Cadiz, D.M. (2013) . Work -Based Training in Assisted Living Benefits for Direct Care Workers.  Journal of Aging and Social Policy, 25, 281-300.

              White, D.L., Cartwright, J., & Lottes, J. (2012).  Long-term care nurse role models in clinical education:  The ECLEP's Experience.  The Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 38 (1). 43-51

Selected Technical Reports

White, D. L., Elliott, S., & Neal, M. B. (2013). Adult Care Homes: Resident Satisfaction. Final Report submitted to Multnomah County Aging and Disability Services. Portland State University Institute on Aging.


White, D. L., & Cadiz, D. M. (in press). Work-Based Training in Assisted Living Benefits for Direct Care Workers. Journal of Aging and Social Policy. Available online,


Lopez, C., White, D. L., & Carder, P. (in press). Direct Care Worker Job Satisfaction Following Implementation of Work-Based Learning. Journal of Applied Gerontology. Available online,

White, D. L., Cartwright, J., & Lottes, J. (2012). Long-term care nurse role models in clinical education: The ECLEPs Experience. The Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 38 (1), 43-51.

White, D. L., & Neal, M. B. (2011). Dealing with Transportation Issues. In. A. Chun, C. Irmiter, & J. Schwartzberg  (Eds.). Geriatric Care by Design (Chicago, IL: American Medical Association).


White, D., Cadiz, D., & Lopez, C. (2010).  Report, Promoting Work-Based Learning for Quality Community-Based Care: An Evaluation of the Portland Community College Jobs-to-Careers Project. (Grant #63067; presenting focus group and survey results). Submitted to Jobs for the Future (Program Office) October 11, 2010.


White, D. L., Elliott, S., Carder, P. C., and Luhr, G. (2012). Consumer Satisfaction with ADRC Services: October 2012 – February 2012.


White, D. L., Tressider, A. F., Carder, P. C., Truxillo, D. M., Barios, S., Jackson, S. (2012). Options Counseling in Oregon: Professional Standards and Tools to Support Options Counseling. Portland: Institute on Aging.

White, D., & O´Brien, J. (2010). Gerontological Family Nursing. In Kaakinen, J. R., Gedaly-Duff, V., Coehlo, D.P., & Hanson, S, M. H. (Eds.). Family health care nursing: Theory, practice & research (4th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis.

Hayslip, B. Jr., & White, D. (2008). The grief of grandparents. In M. S. Stroebe, R. O. Hansson, H. Schut, & W. Stroebe (Eds.). Handbook of Bereavement Research (pp 441-460). Washington, D. C.: American Psychological Association

White, D. L., Walker, A. J., & Richards, L. N. (2008). Intergenerational family support following infant death. The International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 67 (3). 187- 208.

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