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Alan DeLaTorre, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Office: URBN 470S
Phone: 503-725-5134
Fax: 503-725-5100

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Age-friendly cities; healthy and active aging; global aging; urban and regional planning for an aging society; housing and environments for older adults; community-based participatory research.


Alan is a project manager for Portland’s Age-Friendly Cities project (in collaboration with the World Health Organization) and is the coordinator for Global Aging and Health: Enhancing Communities in Nicaragua program (in collaboration with the Jessie F. Richardson Foundation). His doctoral research focused on understanding the factors that affect the planning and development of sustainable, affordable housing for older adults and is actively involved in making Portland a better place for those of all ages and abilities. Dr. DeLaTorre’s teaching has focused on housing and environments for older adults, global aging, and service-learning projects with both graduate and undergraduate students. Alan also works for the Jessie F. Richardson Foundation – a close community partner of the Institute on Aging – as its Director of Operations, and serves on a number of community organizations including: Commissioner of the Portland Commission on Disability; Member of the Portland Age-Friendly Advisory Council and Chair of the Housing Subcommittee; Advisor to Villages NW, Portland’s “Village” for aging in place; and as a Board Member for the Oregon Gerontological Association.  

Selected Publications

  •  DeLaTorre, A. (manuscript resubmitted for final review). The Intersection between Sustainable and Age-Friendly Development. In P. Stafford (Ed.), The Global Age-Friendly Community Movement: A Critical Appraisal. Berghahn Books
  •  DeLaTorre, A. & Neal, M.B. (in press). Portland, Oregon: A Case Study of Efforts to Become More Age Friendly, In F. Caro, K. Fitzgerald & R. Geary (Eds.) International Perspectives on  Age-Friendly Cities.  Taylor & Francis
  •  DeLaTorre, A. (March-April, 2015). Baby boomers'evolving housing preferences will shape new, innovative options.  Aging Today, the bimonthly newspaper of the American Society on Aging.
  •  DeLaTorre, A. (March-April, 2015). Baby boomers' evolving housing preferences will shape new, innovative options.  Aging Today, the bimonthly newspaper of the American Society on Aging.
  •   Neal, M.B., DeLaTorre, A. & Carder, P. (2015). From Planning to Implementation for an Age-Friendly Portland.  Public Policy & Aging Report.
  •  Neal, M.B. DeLaTorre,A. & Carder,P. (2014). Creating an Age Friendly Portland: From Research to Policy to Action.  Journal of Aging & Social Policy.  DOI: 10.1080/08959420.2014.854651
  •   Nealm, M..B., DeLaTorre, A.K., Carder, P.C. (2013). Age-friendly Portland: A university-city-community partnership. Journal of Aging and Social Policy
  •   DeLaTorre, A., DeLaTorre, T., Neal, M.B., Carder, P., Weinstein, J., DeShane, M., & Wilson, K.B. (Winter, 2012).Periodic Atlas of the Metroscape: Planning for Our Aging Society. Metroscape, Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies, Portland State University.
  •   Neal, M.B., Wilson, K.B, DeLaTorre, A., & Lopez, M.G. (2010). A Service-Learning Program in Nicaragua: Aging, Environment, and Health. Global Ageing: Issues & Action. The Journal of the International Federation on Ageing, 6(2), 19-28.
  •  Neal, M.B., & DeLaTorre, A. (Summer, 2009). The WHO Age-Friendly Cities Project. Generations: Journal of the American Society on Aging, 33(2), 74-75. 
  •   Neal, M.B., & DeLaTorre, A. (October, 2007). The World Health Organization’s Age-Friendly Cities Project in Portland, Oregon: Summary of findings. AARP Oregon: Portland, OR.
  •  Neal, M.B., Chapman, N., Dill, J., Sharkova, I., De La Torre, A. Sullivan, K., Kanai, T., & Martin, S. (August, 2006).Age-Related Shifts in Housing and Transportation Demand. A multidisciplinary study conducted for Metro by Portland State University’s College of Urban and Public Affairs