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Tugrul Keskin

Tugrul Keskin

Assistant Professor of International and Middle Eastern Studies and an affiliated faculty of Black Studies, Sociology and at the Center For Turkish Studies at Portland State University. He is also the Middle East Studies Coordinator for International Studies. 



Ph.D                           2009  Sociology at Virginia Tech

Graduate Certificate   2009  Africana Studies

Graduate Certificate   2009  Social and Political Theory

Graduate Certificate   2009 Intl Research & Development 



His research and teaching interests include the Sociology of Islam and the Middle East, Social and Political Theories, Islamic Movements, Sociology of Work, Sociology of Africa, and Modern Kurdish, Uyghur and Turkish Nationalism.  Previously, Dr. Keskin taught as an instructor of Sociology and Africana Studies at Virginia Tech University and also as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at James Madison University and Radford University. He received his PhD in Sociology from Virginia Tech, with graduate certificate degrees in Africana Studies, Social and Political Thought, and International Research and Development.


Scholarly Projects


Outside of his instructor role, he is founder and moderator of the Sociology of Islam mailing list, and editor of the Sociology of Islam Journal. His edited book, The Sociology of Islam: Secularism Economy and Politics was published by Garnet/Ithaca Press in June of 2011. Dr. Keskin is an international board member of Sociologists Without Borders, and serves as a book review editor of Societies Without Borders. He has organized several study abroad courses to Qatar and Turkey and he is currently working on the following book projects and articles: 

  • Globalization of Islam and Localization of Politics: Neoliberalism and Muslim Society - The Jama'at-e Islami, the Ikhwan and the Gulen Movement

  • Middle East Studies after September 11: Neo-Orientalism, American Hegemony and Academia (Edited Book)

  • Sociological Analysis of Chinese Foreign Policy in the Middle East: Chinese Characteristics of Neoliberalism and Foreign Policy (Article in Progress)

  • Sociological Origin and Political Transformation of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) in Turkey (Article in Progress)

  • Human Rights Industry: Humanitarian Imperialism Toward the Global South (Article in Progress)

East Hall Building 333



Office Hours Spring '15:

Monday and Wednesday 1230-1345 or by appointment



Courses Taught:


  • Intl 201 Introduction to International Studies

  • Intl 211 Introduction to African Studies

  • Intl 247 Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies

  • Intl 332  Islamic Movements in the Contemporary Muslim World

  • Intl 372  Sociology of Africa: Post-colonial Studies of Africa

  • Intl 407  Seminar (Prerequisites: Intl 390)