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International Studies Faculty - Middle East

Associated Middle East Faculty:

These faculty welcome questions about their areas of expertise.


L. Rudolph Barton Ph.D.
Professor of Architecture
Teaching interests: Architecture and urban design
Research interests: Design of the urban realm, architecture regionalism 503-725-3339 235 SH

Kimberley Brown Ph.D.
Professor of Applied Linguistics and International Studies
Teaching interests: International Studies and Linguistics
Research interests: Cultural learning and World Englishes 503-725-8194 234 EH

Grant Farr Ph.D.
Associate Dean and Professor of Sociology
Research interests: Modern Iran, Global Societies     503-725-3908 341 CH

James Grehan Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History
Teaching Interests: Modern day Middle East; Ottoman and Turkish studies 503-725-3994 441T CH