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International Studies Advising

Fulfilling International Studies major/minor requirements, as well as making decisions about your future, requires planning and consultation with an adviser.

The Department of International and Global Studies provides drop-in student advising in the International Studies office located on the 3rd floor of the East Hall building in room 342 (EH 342). Drop-in hours are posted below. Students may schedule a general advising appointment by contacting the International Studies program adviser Ari Douangpanya; prospective students, freshmen and sophomores can also meet with CLAS academic adviser, Jon Rousseau

Students needing veteran certification can meet with either Ari Douangpanya or Jon Rousseau.

Faculty members and professional advisers are available to students who need help with course scheduling, in declaring a major, thinking about graduate education, and exploring career paths. In the hopes of easing your search for answers, common questions and concerns have been addressed on our FAQs page.

For advising in specific region/area-studies of the International Studies program, please see the International and Global Studies Academic Advisers page.

For students interested in Development Studies, please watch this video.


General Advising

If you have not already, please refer to the FAQs page to see if an answer may be found there. Another essential resource for all students is the PSU Bulletin. The Bulletin provides information on specific major requirements, course descriptions, and University policies. The Bulletin is available online or may be ordered in hard copy. Also, the PSU Advising home page is a valuable resource for general academic advising and placement information.

Ari Douangpanya
East Hall 341/342
Phone: (503) 725-3455

WINTER OFFICE HOURS (beginning 01/12/16):

Tuesday and Wednesday 13:30-15:00

and by appointment.


For more information regarding first-year mandatory advising (for freshmen and transfer students), please click HERE.

For more information regarding co-admission, please click HERE.


Freshmen who declare International Studies as their major must meet with an International Studies adviser by the end of their first year at PSU in order to be cleared to register for their fourth academic term. Freshmen can also meet with the CLAS adviser, Jon Rousseau

It is highly recommended that Freshmen meet with an International Studies Adviser prior to the end of their second term.

Transfer Students

Transfer students who declare International Studies as their major must meet with an International Studies adviser by the end of their first year at PSU in order to be cleared to register for their fourth academic term. Transfer students with fewer than 45 credits can also meet with the CLAS adviser, Jon Rousseau.

Transfer students with 45 or more credits must schedule a meeting with an adviser by the end of their first term at PSU.

Sophomore or Continuing Students

Sophomores and Continuing students who declare their major in International Studies are required to have at least one meeting with the Program Adviser, or an International Studies faculty adviser by the end of their sophomore year. Students will work with faculty advisers in their region of focus to discuss course options for the region as well as connected learning options.

Junior and Seniors

Once majors have earned 90 credits, or achieved Junior class standing, they will be expected to meet with an International Studies faculty member. Your program adviser can recommend a faculty member to advise you based upon your interests and goals within the program.


The following PSU Faculty are available for General Advising in the area of International Studies:

Stephen Frenkel
East Hall 338
Phone: (503) 725-5085

Shawn Smallman
East Hall 345
Phone: (503) 725-9978

Foreign Language Advising: Student must demonstrate competence in an appropriate foreign language either by completing the third year of the language in the final term or by consulting with the World Languages Department. Information on advising, placement and placement tests for foreign languages can be found on the Department of Foreign Language and Literatures Advising page.