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Certificate Programs

The University awards certificates for language and area specialization to students who have completed the requirements for a bachelor's degree in any field. Certificates are currently available in Asian Studies, European Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle East Studies, Canadian Studies and Contemporary Turkish Studies. The specific courses needed for a certificate in each area differ; interested students should consult the International Studies Program in East Hall, or area advisers:

Area Studies Certificate

European Studies Certificate

Adviser: Chip Long


Latin American Studies Certificate

Advisers: Leopoldo Rodriguez and Stephen Frenkel


Middle East Studies Certificate

Adviser: Tugrul Keskin


Asian Studies Certificate

Adviser: Sharon Carstens


Contemporary Turkish Studies Certificate

Adviser: Birol Yesilada

Center for Turkish Studies

Students in both the International Studies and certificate programs are encouraged to consider overseas study opportunities available through the Education Abroad Office (, East Hall 101, or

Language and area studies certificate programs focus on the study of a group of countries or a geographical area having common linguistic and/or cultural characteristics. The course of study is designed to broaden the student's understanding of a particular world area.

Students must take 24 units (two years) of one adviser-approved language appropriate to the geographic area of concentration (or demonstrate equivalent proficiency in that language); and they must successfully complete 28 units of specified area courses.


For more information and suggested courses, please contact the Area Certificate Adviser.