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Student Pathways

What do "Campus Wide Learning Outcomes" mean to students?

How does the experience of going to class or choosing a major relate to these larger themes of a Bachelor level education?

Benefits of Assessment for Students (From NIU):

  • Empowers students to monitor and direct their learning processes
  • Improves student awareness and understanding of their learning
  • Provides clear expectations about what is important in a course or program
  • Improves student retention by better preparing students for courses
  • Informs students how their learning will be evaluated
  • Reassures students of common core content across all course sections
  • Provides for informed decisions about academic programs based on outcome results

Click on the Sample link at left to see a grid map of how Bachelor of Social Work students encounter the CWLOs during the course of their studies.  The IAC encourages all programs to map the CWLOs in their curricula.

Click on the CWLO Posters link at left to view a Power-Point presentation of posters developed by many departments showing how their students encounter the CWLOs.