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One Day at PSU 2014

What happens in a single day?

Show us your story 

The One Day at PSU video project strives to create a dynamic picture of who we are as a campus community by recording a single day through the eyes of students, staff, and faculty. On May 6, we're calling you to record the personal, important, and exciting stories of your life at PSU. This could include your daily routine, favorite places, or interesting friends. Join us in documenting the PSU experience.

Your video must be captured between 12:01 am and 11:59 on May 6 and must be no more than 3 minutes long. Come back to this site to upload your footage by May 12.


Go forth!



Here are a few examples of the kind of footage we are looking for:

What does your daily routine look like? Do you make up a menu item at Smith that everyone should know about? Get your phone recording and tell us about it.

Got a cool art/science/engineering/social project you're working on? Get a clip of it and send it our way.

What is happening today in your life? Is it your birthday or anniversary? How are you celebrating today? Turn on your webcam and show us!

What does PSU's nightlife look like? Show us your favorite place to chill after hitting the books.


Video submission FAQs:

How long should my video submission be?

Video submissions should be between 20 seconds and 3minutes long for each clip. Participants can submit up to five separate video clips.

I took a video with my iPhone/Smartphone is it good enough for this project?

Absolutely! Content is more important to us than video quality. If you have a videocamera or DSLR, use that, but don't let it hold you back if all you have is your smartphone. Whatever you end up using, remember to hold your camera as steady as possible, and be creative with the framing of your subject.

Can I just send you a YouTube link of my video?

Yes! We prefer that people send us the digital files of the raw footage that they capture, but if you feel more comfortable uploading to youtube, please do. We still need you to fill out a form so we can find it.